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Neighbours Spoilers – New characters and goodbyes for 2022

Neighbours, which has been on the air for more than 37 years, is due to end later this year. While we keep our fingers crossed that the show will be salvaged, we take a look at who will be arriving and departing in the months leading up to the final episode.

Production is currently expected to end on June 10th, 2022, unless a last-minute deal saves the show. UK fans will have to wait another six months for the final episode, which is expected to air in late August, while Australian viewers, who are currently a few weeks behind UK airings, will have to wait another eight months.

This means there’s still time for some new characters to appear, as well as some heartbreaking goodbyes, before the show goes off the air.

Neighbours Arrivals

Kiri Hua Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson)

Just though the finale is approaching doesn’t mean the riveting drama will cease any time soon!

Gemma Bird Matheson says she’s excited for audiences to see Kiri develop as a character since joining the ensemble of Neighbours.

Gemma described Kiri as “mysteries and flirty”, as well as “morally driven and a good girl at heart”, adding that she “definitely finds herself in the middle of a lot of drama”.

The actor, who is of South African and Pacific Islander ancestry, also expressed her delight at the show’s portrayal of various cultures and groups.

“I felt honoured to be part of such an iconic Australian show, but I was also excited by what this representation would mean for a lot of people – especially on such a mainstream show,” she said. “I’m a big advocate for queer people playing queer roles.”

“I’m excited about this representation for several reasons – I get to play myself; a queer Papua New Guinean Christian… that’s pretty monumental.”

Kiri’s first episode will premiere in the United Kingdom on March 9th and in Australia on March 24th.

Montana Marcel (Tammin Sursok)

Tammin Sursok, who formerly starred in Home and Away and The Young and the Restless, has been teasing Neighbours fans with bits of her filming adventures on Instagram for weeks.

Since word of her Ramsay Street guest appearance started circulating, the 38-year-old actress has offered fans an insight inside her character, including revealing the character’s name and the fact that she is an American.

April Rose Pengilly (Chloe Brennan) confirmed that she would be playing a character named Montana Marcel in an Instagram video.

The photo displays the “glaMM” brand, which is accompanied by the words “by Montana Marcel.”

Except for a hot tip Tammin gave her fans on Instagram, not much else is known about Montana.

Tammin hinted that fans of her Pretty Little Liars character, the caustic Jenna Marshall, would find her and Montana have a lot in common as they walked around the now-familiar vineyard location in stilettos and bright red nails.

Montana’s first scenes will air in late March in the UK.

Harriet Wallace (Amanda Holden) & Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Amanda Holden and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, two British celebrities, were confirmed as guest stars on Neighbours in October 2021, with scenes set to air in 2022.

The narrative, in which Harlow (Jemma Donovan) attempts to discover a family mystery involving her mother Prue, was shot in the same month (Denise van Outen).

Prue was a member of The Order, a UK-based cult that put a rift between her and Harlow, as fans will recall. She eventually followed her daughter to Ramsay Street, only to be killed by psychopath Finn Kelly in a bombing (Rob Mills).

Although details are scant, we do know that Sophie Ellis-Bextor, the singer of the classic club hit Murder on the Dancefloor, will make a cameo appearance along the River Thames, giving Harlow advise.

Sophie rushed to Instagram shortly after filming to express her gratitude to the show for providing her the chance to be a part of the story.

Taking to Instagram, Sophie added: “Oh my goodness! What a crazy week… first I published my first ever book Spinning Plates, then I get to have a cameo in a soap I watched after school every day without fail growing up.. NEIGHBOURS! How amazing is that?! So much fun and the cast and crew were lovely.

“Thank you @jemma_donovan for being so gorgeous and big thanks to director lee @soapfromthebox for making me a part of it all. Honestly, 9-year-old me can’t believe I made it to Ramsay Street (via London!) xx”.

Harlow is rumored to be flying to the UK in the next weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for these scenes!

Brooke Blurton

The news that former Bachelorette star Brooke Blurton will make a cameo appearance on Neighbours is hot off the press.

Brooke revealed the news on her Instagram account on Thursday in Australia.

“Looks like some questionable acting with a wine and washing basket can land you a gig on Neighbours ✨ (obvs joking) Coming to you soon Ramsay Street ?✨,” Brooke posted, alongside a selfie in front of the series’ logo.

“She will be attending as herself as a guest at one of the Fashion Festival events in an upcoming plot,” Network Ten stated in a statement.

“Alan Fletcher, Jackie Woodburne, Stefan Dennis, Ryan Moloney, Rebekah Elmaloglou, and Lucinda Cowden will all appear in sequences with Brooke.”

Brooke’s post was remarked on by Jacinta Stapleton (Amy) and Matt Wilson (Aaron), who both complimented her on her performance.

Jacinta wrote, “You were divine darling!!! Squealing with delight!! Hahah ???”, whilst Matt said, “??? I can’t wait to see the washing basket scene. Welcome to the street!”.

Harold Bishop (Ian Smith)

When it was announced that Channel 5’s Neighbours contract would not be renewed, superfans went into overdrive, compiling lists of everyone they wanted to see back.

It seems in-house, producers were doing the same.

The Sun — the same tabloid that announced the news of the series’ termination – published an article less than a week later confirming the first (of many, we hope!) returns.

Ian Smith, who played the renowned Harold Bishop, has agreed to return to the series for its last season, according to journalist Susan Hill.

According to the story, Ian will return to the Nunawading studios next month, which means we won’t see him on UK televisions until at least late May.

The Rodwells

Nobody seemed to mind when Sergeant Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will) started working closely with new cop Levi Canning (Richie Morris). When his wife Wendy (Candice Leask) was presented, though, suspicions began to arise.

“Are the Rodwells being slowly introduced?”

“Is this the next Ramsay Street family?

Naturally, a fan wrote to story editor (now script producer) Shane Isheev, requesting that Andrew and his family be added as regulars. “Keep an eye on it!” Shane answered.

The conspiracy truly gained off after Emerald Chan’s casting as Andrew and Wendy’s daughter Sadie was confirmed in January.

Despite the fact that Sadie was only supposed to be on for a 13-episode guest appearance, it appears that she may be sticking around for a little longer…

Byron Stone

“Who?” I understand what you’re asking. Those who pay attention to small details will notice that Byron is the son of Jane Harris (Annie Jones) and the brother of Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes).

Byron appears to be waiting in the wings, ready to spring onto Ramsay Street when needed, despite the fact that he’s only been referenced a few times in recent years.

Charlotte responded to a remark on Instagram a few months ago asking when Byron will arrive. A simple “soon” emoji was her response.

Annie Jones confirmed Charlotte’s hints in an interview with UK site What to Watch. When asked about her family, Jane gave a hint regarding Jane and Nicolette’s future plans.

“There may be some more family members arriving,” she said. “That’s a possibility.”

Could prodigal son Byron be the newest Ramsay Street resident?

Scott & Charlene Robinson (Jason Donovan & Kylie Minogue)

It goes without saying that, with the end of Neighbours approaching, producers are most likely working on a proper finale to send out such a pillar of the television business.

What better way to accomplish this than to bring back the “golden children,” the longest-running couple on the show’s 37-year history?

Despite the fact that Scott and Charlene Robinson left Melbourne’s famed cul-de-sac more than thirty years ago, they are still recognized by both old and new followers around Australia and the world. Their wedding is still remembered as one of the most memorable scenes of Australian television history.

At the very least, Jason and Kylie should return for the occasion… and it appears that one of them is already on board.

According to reports from the United Kingdom, Jason Donovan – whose daughter Jemma presently plays Harlow Robinson – has agreed to return on the condition that his onscreen wife Kylie Minogue joins him.

Whether or not these rumors are genuine, reuniting the golden pair would be a major coup for the show, given that they have been trying to resurrect popstar Kylie since at least 2005.

Jason and Kylie are said to have always had a “open door policy” in the series, meaning they may return at any time.

Neighbours Departures

While the end of the show means we may be saying goodbye to all of our Neighbours in six months’ time (?), some will be heading off sooner than others.

Sheila Canning (Colette Mann)

Sheila Canning, Levi’s (Richie Morris) and Kyle’s (Chris Milligan) loving but little over-involved grandma, has been a regular visitor to Ramsay Street since 2012.

However, many viewers are unaware that Sheila’s final scenes have already been shown in the United Kingdom, and Australian viewers will witness her abrupt exit in the coming weeks.

Sheila has left the show in an unceremonious manner after nearly a decade on the show. She made a rare off-screen leave, flying to Los Angeles to accompany her daughter Naomi after her partner became unwell.

Sheila opted to stay in the United States to help Naomi sustain her three children after Naomi’s boyfriend died.

Sheila’s final on-screen appearance aired a few days prior, when she responded to Roxy (Zima Anderson) breaking into Freya’s (Phoebe Roberts) apartment.

Colette Mann confirmed her departure from Neighbours on Twitter, writing “Looks that way” to a fan who asked if she was leaving permanently.

A few days later, she was removed from the credits, and the earlier photo of Kyle, Levi, and Sheila in the spa at No. 26 was replaced with a shot of Kyle, Roxy, and Levi on Brighton Beach in Melbourne.

Ned Willis (Ben Hall)

If the possibility of Neighbours being canceled wasn’t enough to make you angry, word surfaced the next day that Ben Hall could be the show’s next casualty.

According to reports, the actor who has played Ned Willis on the drama on and off since 2016 is nearing the conclusion of his contract.

Just hours after The Sun published the sad news about the show, an unknown Twitter account sent the following incriminating tweet.

Ben’s farewell moments will run before the series ends up in August in the UK, according to the post, which has since been removed.

Whether or whether this is accurate remains to be seen…


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