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Neighbours Spoilers – Paul’s life hangs in the balance, again!

On Neighbours next week, it’ll be a case of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ for Paul Robinson, as no one believes him when things go wrong. Will his devious behavior cost him his life?

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, February 21st, and in Australia on Thursday, March 3rd.

Paul has sown the seeds of his own destruction in recent weeks.

Since Terese put their marriage on hold and ordered him out of No. 22 late last year, he’s been itching to see her again. He tried everything he could think of to reclaim her, but it didn’t work.

It didn’t help that Terese’s thoughts were diverted by Glen’s (Richard Huggett) reappearance, and she soon found herself developing a love for Paul’s half-brother.

Things were finally looking brighter for the estranged couple after the Flamingo Bar disaster left Paul with a punctured liver. Terese moved into the Lassiters’ penthouse suite to care for him, and their romance blossomed once more.

They appeared to be on the mend, and a few more weeks would have been enough to put their marriage back together.

The merciless Robinson was startled when Terese stated in passing that she would likely return to Ramsay Street once Paul’s condition healed.

Rather than risk losing Terese again, Paul pretended that his condition had worsened, firing his doctor, Karl (Alan Fletcher), and replacing him with questionable Dr Oscar Russell (Adam Rowland).

The liver specialist happily accepted Paul’s bribe and diagnosed Paul with a subcapsular hematoma, which was enough to persuade Terese to stay in the penthouse apartment to care for her husband.

Unfortunately for Paul, his strategy backfired when his son David (Takaya Honda) realized what he was up to.

David is fully aware of the harmful implications of Paul’s involvement – as a result of Paul’s ill-advised effort to buy baby Isla from Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) – and has determined that he would not allow Paul to manipulate Terese. When he exposed the truth, chaos ensued.

Terese sincerely believed Paul had turned a page and was ready to leave his manipulative ways behind him, even though he was on his final warning. The news that he’d been lying about his condition in order to keep her close was too much for her, and she called off their wedding for good.

Rejoining the action over the next two weeks, and Paul is about to seriously regret his actions.

This week, he seeks assistance from Karl and Susan (Jackie Woodburne). They’ve gone through a lot of heartbreak together over the years, and he believes their wisdom could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately, everything turns out to be worse than he could have imagined, and he only succeeds in pushing Terese more away.

His botched attempt at impromptu marriage counseling from the Kennedys, on the other hand, is about to be the least of his worries.

While Paul’s liver seemed to be on the mend, he wasn’t completely recovered. He’s missing frequent exams from a real doctor because of the distraction of hiring a shady doctor, and it’s a mistake that could cost him his life.

In next week’s episodes, his health begins to decline – and this time for real!

Unfortunately for Paul, his closest friends and family no longer believe anything he says. He pretended to be ill before, and now that Terese has left him for good, who’s to say he won’t attempt it again?

Nobody believes him as his health worsens. They chalked it up to separation anxiety or yet another lame attempt to win Terese’s attention.

He isn’t faking anything this time, and he requires immediate medical attention. He falls unconscious after being left alone, and every minute counts. Is anyone going to be able to reach him in time?

Thankfully, his dependable half-brother Glen saves the day by arriving just in time. He finds Paul unconscious and in critical condition and brings him to the hospital.

Will Paul’s lies end with him paying the ultimate price?

Terese, on the other hand, is torn. In the aftermath of her most recent marriage collapse, she’s been distracting herself, and a flirtatious paint-balling session with Glen helps to fill the emptiness.

Regardless, she can’t get Paul out of her head. When she learns that her estranged husband has been admitted to the hospital yet again, she is upset, and it takes all of her strength not to rush to his side.

She’s been here before, and this time she realizes that Paul isn’t her duty any longer, as their marriage is finished.

It seems she’s finally ready to move on. Paul and Terese are over.


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