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Neighbours Spoilers – Zara’s chances of forgiveness go up in flames



Zara will be blamed for the cruel prank on Jane next week on Neighbours, but another incident could jeopardize her chances of staying at Erinsborough High.

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, February 14th, and in Australia on Wednesday, February 23rd.

Since arriving in Erinsborough in early January, Zara (Freya Van Dyke) hasn’t earned the best of reputations.

Amy’s (Jacinta Stapleton) daughter has a checkered past, having previously lived in Queensland with her father and his boyfriend.

Amy and her mother were reunited when Amy relocated back to the northern state after her romance with Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlan) ended. However, things quickly turned sour when Zara set a marquee on fire at Amy’s former workplace in Cairns, the Far North Hotel, where she was working as a marketing director.

Amy took the fall for the incident in order to protect her daughter, but she was fired from her work as a result. As a result, she left Queensland once more and returned to Erinsborough to take over as manager of the Flamingo Bar.

Zara came to Erinsborough hoping to bond with her mother, but she’s only made Amy’s life more difficult.

When she shoved Amy against her new food truck, she set off the fire alarm at Erinsborough High, caused a flood by blocking one of the toilets, and landed Amy in the hospital.

Amy’s close relationship with Toadie has been jeopardized by Zara’s bad behavior (Ryan Moloney). Things on Ramsay Street are about to grow a lot more unpleasant in the coming weeks as she rubs more people the wrong way.

This week, she’s still at odds with Jane (Annie Jones). When the misbehaving teen finds herself back in the teacher’s bad books, she decides to use her insider knowledge to gain some brownie points with her new friends Aubrey Laing (Etoile Little) and Sadie Rodwell (Emerald Chan).

Jane installed a secret camera inside Isla’s teddy bear to spy on Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), David (Takaya Honda), and Aaron, which Amy eventually reveals (Matt Wilson).

Zara tells her two pals about the rumor, but things swiftly spiral out of control as word spreads around Erinsborough High.

Jane is horrified and embarrassed when she arrives at school to find a teddy bear on her desk with a camera attached to it, and she immediately suspects who is responsible for the cruel joke.

The snickering and taunting from the pupils will resume next week in the UK (Monday 14th February / Wednesday 2nd March in Australia).

Jane becomes increasingly terrified by the three females’ actions and eventually cracks.

Despite the fact that Zara isn’t to fault for the bear, Jane refuses to believe it because she is the only student who has a problem with her.

Zara must face the penalties because she does not want to squeal on her friends, and Jane will not rest until she is punished.

However, the prospect of punishment appears to have no effect on whichever pupil is causing the most havoc at Erinsborough High, as there is now an even bigger problem to deal with.

Hearing a commotion, Susan and Jane come running from inside the school.

A fire!

Someone has set one of the bins alight in the school yard.

As the two veteran teachers watch in disbelief, it’s up to a familiar face to save the day.

Curtis Perkins (Nathan Borg), who hasn’t been seen since August 2021, when he found that Jesse Porter (Cameron Robbie) was pretending to date Harlow (Gemma Donovan), makes a dramatic reappearance as he dashes towards the flaming bin with a fire extinguisher in hand and valiantly puts out the flames.

Thankfully, no major damage is done, but things could have been much worse.

As the teachers watch on, there’s no doubt in their minds as to who the culprit is.

Unfortunately for Zara, Amy supports the teachers as well. Amy is confident that her daughter is to responsible, given her daughter’s history with fire, and she can’t believe she’s denying responsibility for yet another scandal.

Is Zara just a troublesome teen, or a disaster waiting to happen?

Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) is becoming increasingly frustrated with the tension at No. 30.

Amy has had enough of having Amy and Zara in the same roof, and she begins her quest for a way out.

She doesn’t want to disappoint Toadie by leaving, but she thinks now is the ideal time, especially with the two new inhabitants keeping the facility busy.

Mac is finally ready to spread her wings, but where is she moving?

It’s probably for the best that she and Zara live on opposite sides of the street because a friendship seems unlikely after the newcomer’s next bold move.

Hendrix (Ben Turland) was one of Zara’s earliest Erinsborough buddies. When they arrived in town, they both had their demons, with parental issues galore, and they bonded when Hendrix encouraged Zara to give her mother a chance.

She’s already started flirting with Hendrix to make Aubrey and Sadie believe she’s hip, and she’s been using him to get closer to them.

She even revealed to the two that Hendrix was considering ending his relationship with Mackenzie, implying that he’d found someone else with whom he had tremendous chemistry.

Her wild streak explodes up next week when she misreads Hendrix’s friendship as anything more, and she crosses a huge line.

How will Hendrix respond, and where will it leave his relationship with Mackenzie?


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