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Neighbours star Annie Jones reveals Jane’s response to fire drama

Neighbours’ Jane Harris’ reaction to the school fire turmoil is described in detail by Annie Jones’ character Jane Harris.

Zara Selwyn, played by Freya Van Dyke, will be blamed in the upcoming episodes, with even her mother Amy Greenwood (played by Jacinta Stapleton) doubting the teenager’s innocence.

Jane will take the problem personally, according to the Erinsborough High principal performer, who spoke to Inside Soap about the ongoing pranking from her kids.

“The fire flabbergasts Jane – she virtually freezes on the spot and doesn’t know what to do,” Jones told the publication.

“She feels it’s personal; she believes the fire and all these other pranks are aimed at her. But this could put other people in danger, and so she feels terribly guilty about that.”

Is she giving youthful co-star Van Dyke and other newbies any acting coaching in the midst of the drama?

“When I was their age, I never got advice as such. I worked with the likes of Vivean Gray (Mrs Mangel), Anne Charleston (Madge Bishop) and Anne Haddy (Helen Daniels) – all those wonderful, older actors – but they never gave advice.

“You just learned by watching and listening and absorbing, just their approach to working as a serious actor. That was very valuable,” she continued. “So I hope to lead a good example too.”

Reflecting on Jane and Zara’s dynamic, the soap star also shared: “Jane is passionate about teaching and her students, so at first she tried to welcome Zara. But Zara is proving to be a bit of a handful, and gradually she becomes the bane of Jane’s life.”


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