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Neighbours star Jemma Donovan teases show’s ending after 37 years

Jemma Donovan, who plays Jemma on Neighbours, has hinted that the show would end after 37 years.

Unfortunately, the renowned Australian serial will be ending (at least for the time being) in August because production company Fremantle was unable to secure finance when Channel 5 canceled the show in the United Kingdom.

One positive spot is that, before fans say their goodbyes to Erinsborough this summer, the drama has a major storyline in the works, in which Jemma Donovan’s character Harlow Robinson travels to London.

Jemma Donovan teased how Neighbours executives are reaching the end of an era while discussing how fans regard her character Harlow lately.

“I think it’s tricky with soap actors because obviously, they have to accommodate really quite dramatic storylines and probably sometimes irrational storylines,” she admitted. “I think sometimes it’s hard because people don’t disassociate your character from you. It’s something that you have to just become aware of and ignore.

“I do think people underestimate that you do get comments about your character and you’re like, ‘It’s just not me.’ I’m fine about it and it doesn’t really bother me too much, but it is an interesting world, I think.

“Our fans are so invested in the programme, and I love that they dissect and analyze even the most minute detail – now that’s dedication! I know our fans are going to be blown away by what is being planned for the finale, very celebratory… but that’s all I’m saying for the moment!”

Harlow will be caught up in a whirlwind of events in London, as she seeks refuge with her aunt Harriet (Amanda Holden) after her tumultuous relationship with Ned Willis.

While Harlow isn’t looking for romance on her vacation to London, she does catch the attention of new love interest Corey (Laurence Boxhall) — could this be more than just a holiday fling?

Next week, Channel 5 will broadcast these London episodes.


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