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Neighbours star joins thousands in signing petition to save the show




Lucinda Cowden, who plays Melanie Pearson on Neighbours, has signed a fan petition to preserve the Australian serial.

It was reported yesterday (February 6) that the show’s 37th year on our screens will be it’s final on Channel 5, but canceled programs may always find new broadcasting homes, as we know from Netflix’s illustrious history.

Edward Skylover is hoping to collect 35,000 signatures for his ‘Channel 5 – Don’t Axe Neighbours’ petition on change.org, and as of this writing, he’s already gathered over 25,000, including Cowden’s.

“It’s my job… and I love it… and the idea of not being Mel anymore is devastating,” she commented, while a passionate viewer added: “Neighbours is one of the few soaps that transports me to a happy place! The brightness, the sun, the characters, the street, the nostalgia. It simply cannot go!”

At this rate, that extra 10,000 will be in the bag in no time.

The core theme of Skylover is as follows: “For nearly 35 years, Neighbours has been a mainstay on UK television, and it has been watched by generations. It is currently in jeopardy due to rumors that Channel 5 is unable to reach an agreement with Fremantle Media.

“Neighbours is more than just a TV show – it is a source of comfort and entertainment for generations of fans who have watched it for decades – it is one of the most loved TV shows in the UK and brings lots of viewers from all backgrounds to Channel 5’s catalog of channels. Even Adele is a fan. Channel 5 – we plead with you – please find a way to keep Neighbours on air.”

A Channel 5 representative told Digital Spy on Sunday: “After this summer, Channel 5 will no longer broadcast Neighbours. We’d like to congratulate the cast, Fremantle, and the entire production crew for their amazing work on this landmark series, which has been a much-loved part of our schedule for more than a decade.

“We’d also of course like to thank the fans for their loyal support of Neighbours across the years. We recognize that there will be disappointment about this decision, however, our current focus is on increasing our investment in original UK drama, which has strong appeal for our viewers.”


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