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Neighbours star Phoebe Roberts teases Freya Wozniak’s big secret

Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts), a new and mysterious visitor to Erinsborough, has begun dating police officer Levi Canning (Richie Morris) since her arrival on Ramsay Street.

Freya, on the other hand, has been concealing a secret under the guise of arriving in town to look for her cousin, and we find her glancing at an unknown man on her phone.

We watch Freya manipulating Levi and taking advantage of his confidential police resources while he remains ignorant when Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) becomes suspicious of Freya’s actual motives.

Roberts teased the huge secret surrounding Freya’s arrival in a recent interview with Inside Soap.

“Her secrets are kept close to her chest. But she knows that if the truth came out, Levi would leave her — it would be disastrous for them “she clarified “Freya’s past is going to catch up with her, and there will be a lot of weird stuff that everyone will be surprised by. It’s a total blast!”

In forthcoming episodes, Roxy will break into Freya’s home in order to learn more about her prior life, which could lead to a wedge between Neighbours’ newest marriage.

Roberts adds this about Roxy’s break-in: “Freya considers it a slap in the face, so she switches off. She’s furious with herself for being so relaxed around someone who has betrayed her. Levi is irritated because they were beginning to form a bond when she abruptly cuts him off.”

We’ll have to wait and see how the scarf Freya discovered on the Flamingo Bar site, the mystery man, and her enigmatic background all connect.


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