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Neighbours to revisit Terese and Glen’s romantic chemistry in 2022

Neighbours look to be revisiting the romantic chemistry between Terese Willis and Glen Donnelly.

Terese will become agitated in later scenes as a result of everyone babysitting her after the incident on the rooftop, and she will request that everyone simply give her some time and space to herself.

When Glen shows there, he uncovers a serious secret, leaving Terese feeling humiliated and exposed. She expects him to judge her for it, but instead, he shows her sympathy and offers her support.

They spend an evening playing card together and discover that their chemistry is still there, which makes them both uncomfortable.

“She feels really comfortable with Glen and she’s able to have a joke and feel more like herself,” Terese actress Rebekah Elmaloglou told Digital Spy exclusively on the possibilities of the couple reconciling. Furthermore, because they both have the same addiction, he understands exactly what she is going through.

“It would certainly shake things up [if the two characters got together], which would be fun to play.”

Of course, Glen has been up to some nefarious deeds of his own, particularly in regards to Terese’s present estranged relationship with Paul Robinson, such as concealing the ring to keep them apart.

Harlow, understandably, does not trust Glen and has been snooping about looking for information on him. Will she be able to prevent them from reuniting?


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