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The TRUTH about Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman’s romance

Bec Hewitt (née Cartwright) and Beau Brady, Luke Mitchell and Rebecca Breeds, Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas, and James Stewart and Sarah Roberts are just a few of the Home and Away stars who have wowed fans by dating off-camera.

Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor, co-stars on the hit show, are the latest to fall in love while working together on the show.

Sophie and Patrick, unlike many of their fellow lovebirds, met long before they set foot in the fictional little town.

“We actually knew each other at uni – we went to acting school together years ago,” Sophie told The Morning Show.

“We were friends then, and then we were in different years, so we didn’t really see each other – but then when found each other on the show. And conveniently, our characters got together on the show.”

Patrick and Sophie’s characters have a dramatic on-screen connection, which the performers say helps but also makes their jobs tough at times.

“I think we’re both a bit more comfortable around each other at work, which can go either way – but it definitely makes it easier,” Patrick said.

Sophie told TV WEEK that having Patrick at her side at work was a huge plus. Although she noted that kissing sequences can be “awkward,” she did agree that the duo had easy communication.

“It’s great working with him – it’s always fun. I can never guess what I’m going to get from him [while filming], which is the best,” she said.

“We can be really straight up. We’ve got great dialogue, so we can say what we need from each other and it will happen.”

The couple’s good times transcend over into their social lives, and they’re never afraid to share silly selfies with their fans.

But it isn’t just the good times that have strengthened their friendship. Sophie reached up to New Idea in March about her fight with endometriosis and how Patrick had been a rock in her life.

“He is honestly an angel,” she reflected. “I could not have functioned without him these past 12 months.

“He had no idea about endometriosis and what it is, but he did all this reading and learned about it. He has given me all these suggestions and was such a huge support to me through my surgery.”

Is a ring on that finger the couple’s next step? The couple has remained tight-lipped about any future intentions for an engagement, but fans of Home and Away will be waiting with bated breath!


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