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Neighbours twins Christina and Caroline look unrecognisable now after big career change

NEIGHBOURS twins Christina and Caroline look unrecognisable now after stepping back from acting to chase a new career path.

Gillian and Gayle Blakeney played the much-loved identical sisters on the Australian soap back in the 1990s when they were in their early 20s.

The sisters are now both parents and live in America where their scarf business is based

Identical twins Gillian and Gayle are now both 50 years old and living in California, USA, with their separate partners and children.

Following their two-year run on the drama, they had a brief music career, releasing the song All Mixed Up under the name The Twins in 1992.

A year later, in 1993, the duo rebranded as Gayle & Gillian and released their second single, Mad If Ya Don’t, which charted at number 75 in the UK.

Gillian, who is nine minutes younger than her twin sister, is now the mother of one child, Stella.

She gave birth seven weeks after her sister Gayle, who had her first child with her husband, a son called Jack, in 2004.

Gillian has stayed busy as the co-founder of Leigh and Luca, a scarf firm with a celebrity clientele that includes Mary Kate Olsen and Hilary Duff.

She married David in a private romantic wedding last October, and she shared images from the occasion, showing off her lovely embroidered gown.

Gayle’s husband Mark, whom she married in 2003, escorted Gillian down the aisle on her wedding day because the twins are still so close.

Gayle is a mother of three, having given birth to twins after her son, and she sees her sister and niece Stella on a frequent basis.

The twins were recently seen together at a family celebration commemorating their shared birthday, when they posed for sweet family photos.

After witnessing a murder shortly after arriving on Ramsay Street, the Australian-born sisters were placed in witness protection on Neighbours.

The sisters pretended to be one person under the name Linda Giles before Paul Robinson discovered their secret.

After spending time with both of them, Paul (Stefan Dennis) discovered out their secret by analyzing the small differences between them.

During their two-year run on the show, the sisters had lots of love affairs and their fair share of tragedies. They left in 1992.

Gayle’s persona Caroline had also fallen for Paul and abandoned the neighborhood, but Christina stuck on for a little longer than her sister, having married him.

The pair returned for a three-episode stint in 2019 before quitting acting to focus on their family life and scarf business.

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