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Nina is Desperate as Sonny Becomes More Manic, and Austin’s Memories Jar with Maxie’s


Nina awakens at the Corinthos compound and is startled to see that Sonny is nowhere to be found. Sonny comes in from the garden and tells her about his intentions to insulate the kids’ treehouse just as she’s about to run outside. He didn’t sleep for the entire night. He exclaims, “I don’t need to since I feel terrific.” She makes an attempt to get him to eat. Sonny instructs her to stay out of his way and quit instructing him what to do.

Nina phones Britt after he storms out, concerned that Sonny has gone off his medicines. She requires medical assistance. Britt advises her not to quarrel with him about anything and to attempt to convince him to see his doctor. It may be impossible to maintain his composure. The first step is to get him to admit he’s suffering a panic attack. She forewarns him that he might turn violent. If she feels endangered, she should summon one of his henchmen and flee the scene.

Sonny returns when she gets off the phone, anxious to get back outside. She requests that he stay and educate her about bipolar disorder. He reluctantly admits that it’s like a nightmare, but that’s not what’s going on right now. She admits it hurts when he grips her wrists. He comes to a halt and steps back, stating that he does not harm women. She doesn’t fear him; she fears for him. He tells her that she may be right and that he, too, is fatigued. She offers them to get him a prescription when he admits he’s out of medicines. He agrees to contact his physician.

Carly is trying to relax at the yoga class when Ava interrupts her. She joins her without being stopped and begins questioning her about relocating into the Metro Court. Carly claims that she is simply dedicated to self-care. Ava inquires about Avery. As things between the other women become tense, BLQ enters. Carly is reminded that Ava is not Avery’s mother, and Ava believes that she should be with her instead of being pawned off on Bobbie. Carly explains that her mother needs a break after Luke’s memorial service. Ava acknowledges she overreacted, but she doesn’t want her kid to be a part of the drama. She reminds out that if things with Sonny don’t work out, he has someone else to fall back on. Ava decides to leave once BLQ gets involved in the argument. Carly is asked by Brook Lynn if things with Sonny are truly that terrible. Carly says that she has left the house.

Ava calls her daughter from the kitchen and tells her she will see her tomorrow. She is free to call her whenever she wants.

Austin leads Felicia, Anna, and Maxie to the location where he discovered her in labor in Pautauk. Anna understands that this will be difficult, but she assures that it will help them figure out what happened to her daughter. Maxie flashes back to Austin discovering her but claims she has no recollection of what happened. He pinpoints the exact location, and her mother lays out a blanket for her to sit and reflect. She recalls her anguish and fear, followed by the discovery of the light. She tells Austin, “I was so thrilled to see you.” He expressed his gratitude. She remembers him being attacked by phony Chloe after they remembered why she didn’t want to go to the hospital. He has no recollection of it. She claims she tried to fight Chloe and passed out, then flashes back to really fleeing and handing the baby to BLQ. When she recalls returning to Austin as he awoke, he claims that they were accompanied by someone else. Another woman’s voice could be heard conversing with Maxie, and their dialogue was non-confrontational. Maxie is concerned that this isn’t an actual recollection, and then exclaims that it’s too cold. Austin recalls more after Anna and Felica have left and tells Maxie, “It was you.” He inquires as to who she was conversing with.

Britt pays a visit to her brother’s General Hospital room. They start arguing about her giving in to propriety, and she points out how disastrous it has been for their father to follow in his footsteps. He’s now Pentonville’s problem because she signed off on his paperwork. He inquires as to whether Maxie is aware of his departure. They will be inextricably linked as long as he has a child with her.

Victor visits the nurses’ station and requests that the orderly tell him the identity of the individual whose ultrasound he discovered. She gets called away to grab someone a blanket while she is looking for the patient ID. To get the information, he dashes behind the counter. Britt catches him and protects him. She pursues him to the elevators, pleading with him to stay away from her mother. He mentions her Huntington’s disease. Britt denies having such a thing and accuses him of imagining before storming out. He receives a phone call from a contact who confirms something.

Victor walks inside Peter’s room. He informs him that they had a good talk and that he’s come to keep his half of the bargain.

Britt escorts Sonny and Nina to a room when they arrive. Sonny claims that he doesn’t need a babysitter and that he can wait for his doctor by himself. Nina simply wants to make sure he’s all right. He apologizes for injuring her wrist before she leaves. He expresses his gratitude by saying, “Thank you for caring.”

Nina runs into Carly when she goes to the yoga studio. She decides to stay rather than depart since she has something to say. “Great!” Carly exclaims as she leaps to her feet. “I feel the same way.”

At the cabin, Esme, Cam, Joss, Spencer, and Trina arrive. Esme advises Joss to select the room with the largest bed. She’s eager to get a fire going and offers that she and Spencer join her when they go skiing. Spencer is also interested in going snowboarding. It’s contagious thanks to Trina’s passion. Esme sneers, “Like the plague.”

When Cam and Joss have some alone time, he informs her that he has everything they’ll need if she’s still up for it. She has faith in him and wishes to have her first time with him. He shares my sentiments. They figure it out. Spencer laughs about breaking his legs to avoid prison later, after everyone is dressed. As they leave, Esme informs Spencer that she will have to repay Trina for persuading them to go skiing.

They all return to the cottage after skiing. Spencer offers Cam extra condoms if he needs them as the young women retire to their rooms to change. “I don’t,” Cam responds angrily. Esme makes hot toddies and gets some medications when they’re all together again.

Chase and Bailey arrive at Kelly’s. When Valentin and Martin arrive, he checks on the baby before proceeding to his table. Chase feels relieved that everything went smoothly.

Martin reminds Valentin at their meal that he is still Bailey’s legal father. The birth certificate hasn’t been altered in any way. The Cassadine is completely unaware of this. He returns to Chase to find out why the certificate hasn’t been updated. Chase feels confident that Brook Lynn has begun the procedure and appreciates him for alerting him to it.

When Valentin returns to Martin, the lawyer explains that if there is proof of paternity, updating the paperwork for a birth certificate is simple. Valentin knows that there may be none. He’s taken everything without a shred of evidence. It’s possible that the whole thing is a hoax, and Chase is complicit. But why is that?


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