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PLOT TWIST: Could Sam Frost Be Returning To ‘Home And Away’?!

A Home and Away performer has hinted Sam Frost could be back to the long-running Australian soap just a month after publicly departing.

Lynne McGranger (a.k.a. Irene Roberts) stated in a recent interview that Frost has seemingly altered her mind about the vaccine, claiming the celebrity was completely vaccinated and may have even gotten a booster injection.

Lynne went on to say Frost’s reasons for leaving the show were misinterpreted, suggesting she wanted to be closer to her family in Melbourne, and wasn’t vehemently opposed to Channel 7’s vaccination requirement, as originally thought.

“She needed to be with her family, but the door is definitely open for her to come back… the producers, being clever and smart and certainly compassionate, said ‘You go and do what you need to do Sam, the door is open for you to come back and we’d love you to come back'”

Lynne McGranger

Sam, who played nurse Jasmine for four years, first stated she was leaving the Summer Bay beaches last November, before confirming she wasn’t coming back less than a month later.

In December, Sam announced the release of her book, Believe, in which she openly discusses her experience with mental health.


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