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Neighbours’ Freya Wozniak is caught out after manipulating Levi Canning



After being caught up in some mischief by Roxy Willis, Freya Wozniak, a newcomer to Neighbours, may have some explaining to do.

Following her arrival in Erinsborough, Freya (Phoebe Roberts) continues to exploit Levi Canning, but he remains unaware of her actual intentions.

Freya determined to exploit Levi’s position as a police constable to her advantage in Tuesday’s program on Channel 5.

Freya urged Levi (Richie Morris) to take her on a police car ride-along with him.

Levi normally declines such requests in order to maintain his professionalism, but after obtaining authorization from his supervisor, he agreed.

Freya and Levi ended up spending a romantic afternoon together while picking up a stranded police car.

Freya interrogated Levi about his attitude toward his job, then inquired about the police computer in the car.

When Levi went to get some takeout, Freya took advantage of the opportunity by turning on the computer and looking up someone named Gareth Bateman.

Freya’s search yielded a list of last-known locations, but she was stopped dead in her tracks when Roxy Willis happened to come by and asked what she was doing.

Freya’s shenanigans are all linked to her search for a mysterious man, which has fuelled most of her behavior since arriving in Erinsborough.

She’s informed Levi and Ned Willis that she’s seeking for a lost cousin, but there looks to be a lot more to the story than she’s letting on.

Freya told Levi earlier this week: “It’s not a big issue at all. It’s my cousin on the other end of the line. A few months ago, he executed a disappearing act.

“My uncle was really cut up about it, so I went searching for him. That’s why I came – it’s not why I stayed.”

Freya explained why she didn’t inform Levi sooner: “It wasn’t important enough to trouble you with. We haven’t even filed a missing person report for him.

“Honestly, everyone in my family – except for my uncle – are over the drama. That’s why I stopped.”


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