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Neighbours twist as newcomer Freya Wozniak’s true identity finally exposed?


Freya Wozniak arrived on Ramsay Street looking for someone important to her early this year, and when several people on the Channel 5 soap get suspicious of her, it appears her cover could be blown.

Freya (Phoebe Roberts) has settled in nicely to the Neighbours community, making friends with Ned Willis (Ben Hall) and starting a relationship with Levi Canning (Riche Morris). She has no link to anyone, unlike many of the characters on the Channel 5 soap, but she claims she has come to Erinsborough to find a missing cousin of hers. The newcomer is equally captivated by her love interest’s past, but is there any link between the two? If that’s the case, Levi should consider if he really wants to be in a relationship with her, as her true identity could put him in grave risk.

Freya learned more about Levi and his past in recent episodes on the weekday serial drama, as he recounted to her how he became epileptic.

The officer remembered how he was assaulted by criminals when he was younger, resulting in a brain injury.

Last year, the Ramsay Street star faced two men who had abused him as a child and conducted a vengeance strike against them.

Levi abandoned his vendetta, fearing for his job security and the safety of his family, and has since sought to put the past behind him.

He hadn’t had to think about it until Freya showed up, but there could be a reason his past has surfaced at this specific moment.

Freya showed Ned a picture of her cousin while she was investigating her cousin’s disappearance so he could keep an eye out for him.

She was hesitant to share Levi the image after knowing about Levi’s past and the policeman learning about her missing relative.

This could be due to the fact that the man in the photograph was one of the assailants who caused the heartthrob’s head injury when he was younger.

Freya’s identity would be blown because he would quickly recognize the stranger in the photo, revealing that she is in fact connected to the criminal.

With the truth finally out, it’s possible that the newcomer has come to Ramsay Street to exact vengeance on the cop.

It’s possible that the information about her cousin going missing is real, but it’s also possible that he was attempting to avoid being apprehended by the authorities.

Because of what he did to Levi, he could have been on the run for years and missed out on so much of his family’s lives.

Freya may be getting closer to the police officer, blaming him for all of her family’s problems, in an attempt to set him up.

The newcomer, who wants the heartthrob to go to prison so her cousin can be free, will go to any length to get what she believes is justice.

However, now that her identity has been revealed, she may have to reconsider her actions, and Levi will be aware that she is plotting to harm him.


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