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Popular TikTok star Millie Ford lands role on Home and Away

The social media star is hoping to make the transition to mainstream acting.

Millie Ford, a well-known Australian TikTok star, is scheduled to arrive at Summer Bay.

The 27-year-old internet sensation claims that working on Home and Away has fulfilled her desire of pursuing a career in mainstream acting.

Her guest role, Montana, is a social media influencer, and it’s not too far from how she became well-known by making viral parody videos.

She is best known for her hilarious imitations of various roles including Aussie teachers and mums, or recreating any funny situations in which people may find themselves.

“I can’t say too much about my character,” she tells 7NEWS.com.au of her appearance, which can be seen from tonight (Monday) at 7pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

“But I will say it’s quite fun and we had the best time.

“I actually play an influencer, which is my real-life job, and everyone was laughing like, ‘This is just classic’.”

Actors James Stewart, Kyle Shilling, and Kirsty Marillier were among her main scene partners, according to Ford, who described them as “amazing to work alongside” and “so welcoming and warm” as she became comfortable.

“It went by so fast; I was just a sponge watching them work,” the woman remarks.

Therefore, you basically simply need to pay attention and make sure you’re taking any suggestions in between takes.

Additionally, they made me feel less self-conscious, which is incredibly crucial in my opinion because it just gets captured on video.

“We were so giddy with laughter that we nearly lost control while filming.”

Ford, known for her exaggerated characters online, had to learn to soften her facial expressions and mannerisms.

“(I had to) not … exaggerate too much, which is a big difference for me, (normally) being online,” she says.

“And having quite a lot of facial expressions is something that you don’t need to do, or overdo.”

She says her appearance on the popular Channel 7 drama was a dream come true.

“It’s such a high-quality iconic show so I was like, ‘If this is all I ever get to film, this is an amazing opportunity’,” she says.

Being on the renowned Palm Beach set and seeing all the trailers and the crew in action was very memorable for Ford, who is a burgeoning actor.

“Observing everyone contributing to the overall arrangement and how it all sort of comes together was fascinating.”

Ford says she wants to pursue acting as a career. She has always loved acting, having participated in school plays and created her own characters online.

She responds, “I do want to take it seriously.”

“I decided to look for an acting agent representative after that and knew I was going to do this.”

“I’m going to throw myself into the deep end and step into a new world.”

While Ford is figuring out exactly what roles she wants to play, she believes comedy is where she is heading.

“Being a small fish in a big pond, I’m just kind of figuring out what kind of roles I want to do and how can I make the most of every opportunity and meeting new people,” she says.

“I feel like I’m starting high school or something and there’s a whole world ahead of me.

“I’m just taking it day by day.”


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