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“Proud to be a part of this team as we move towards June 10”

Since news of Neighbours‘ future leaked over the weekend, the cast has been interacting with viewers.

The cast of Neighbours, who were previously advised not to speak to the press, have been more cooperative since their Monday cast meeting.

Takaya Honda told fans that fan support for his LGBT character as David had pushed him to stay with the show.

Veteran Alan Fletcher told website subscribers, “We need a hero and, maybe, one will come along.”

Favorites Geoff Paine spoke with Studio 10 and Jacki Woodburne spoke with The Project.

“We are incredibly proud of everything Neighbours has accomplished,” executive producer Jason Herbison told Mediaweek. We envision the next few months as a tremendous celebration for the show, with something for everyone. Any conclusion shall be respectful to the past, present, and constantly looking forward.”

One online petition has over 38,000 signatures.

Filming is scheduled to continue through June 10th.


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