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Neighbours spoilers: Paul Robinson’s mental health spirals as Terese moves on


In Neighbours, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) has single-handedly squandered his one opportunity at happiness with Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), and he is unprepared to deal with the fallout.

After David (Takaya Honda) discovered the truth about his falsehoods, his plotting and scheming to win her back had blown up in his face.

Terese was outraged to have been duped yet again, and she washed her hands of him right away.

Paul isn’t new to making a complete mess of things, but the stakes were higher this time. Nothing he does, no matter how much weight he carries or how much money he spends, will change this condition.

Paul is desperate and decides to try one last time to win her back. He stands to lose nothing – not even his dignity – and nearly begs her to reconsider. Terese has heard it all before and is done this time, so his pleadings fall on deaf ears. For God’s sake, he’s even pushed her to drink. She’s finally realized how dangerous this man is.

Given how many times their own nuptials have been canceled, Paul refuses to give up and turns to Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) in the hopes of getting some marriage counseling. Unfortunately for Paul, it backfires in ways he never could have predicted.

Terese realizes that this is actually the end, and she chooses to embrace the new beginning that awaits her. Paul realizes he’s lost, and the realization sets in motion a downward spiral. He falls into a deep depression, to the point where he abandons his cherished relationships with loved ones. So, what’s going to happen to him now?


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