Remember Home & Away’s favourite ‘copper’ Charlie Buckton? Life after the soap and expecting her second child

    The star was one of our favourite Summer Bay residents when she arrived in 2008, and we cried when she was killed off a few years later – but the actress has been busy since!

    Home & Away has consistently ranked as the #1 Australian soap opera in Irish homes during the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. One of the most explosive long-running soap operas ever, Home & Away features many of our all-time favourite fictional characters in its world.

    Charlie Buckton, the show’s beloved “copper,” predominated the series from 2008 to 2012 as a result of her character’s tumultuous relationship with Summer Bay bad boy Darryl “Brax” Braxton.

    As their characters were on different sides of the law in the production, the couple danced around their affections for one another. At the time, there were several tabloid rumours that the characters’ performers, Steve Peacocke and Esther Anderson, had an extramarital affair.

    Anna Samson’s stylish and contemporary home on Home and Away, far from her Mia Anderson role

    These rumours, however, are unfounded, and Esther has refuted them.

    She said to New Idea magazine in 2011: “I suppose it’s a complement on my effective acting. You obviously want it, but we are just friends. One of the most gifted actors I’ve ever worked with, Steve is utterly modest about his abilities. He has also helped me behave to my best ability.”

    “I’m a loner. However, I’m content right where I am. There doesn’t seem to be anything missing, and I suppose I even feel a little enthusiastic about the prospect of the relationship side of things at some point in the future.”

    However, the star was not single for long. Her character departed the soap in the 2011 finale of the show, and she worked on various projects.

    We all likely recall the heartbreaking scenario in which she was fatally shot by the vengeful Jake Pirovic (Fletcher Humphries) on her last day in uniform as a Summer Bay police officer, and her daughter Ruby and husband Brax were forced to switch off her life support system.

    She first met her future spouse Howard Moggs in the early part of 2015, and the two became engaged in February 2016.

    They were engaged on Valentine’s Day at the couple’s then-new Los Angeles home, where they now reside. Esther, who was seated in the backyard garden, previously stated that she believed Howard wanted to toast the purchase of their house.

    He took out the champagne, lit some tea lights in the lawn, and got down on one knee. The pair wed in a private and intimate ceremony back home in Australia, where Esther is from the city of Geelong in Victoria.

    Happy Anniversary, my love, Esther said on Instagram as they marked their fifth wedding anniversary this year.

    Even though two of the five years were spent during a pandemic, we nonetheless went on some fairly incredible trips. anticipating all the future ones.

    In 2018, the couple gave birth to a boy they named Forrest. She made her second pregnancy announcement in April of this year, and she will soon have two children.

    She announced her pregnancy on the internet, writing: “The 3 of us…soon to be 4!!!”

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    We have another tiny moggs on the way because we are so thrilled. Forry’s big brother responsibilities begin in September!

    On her social media accounts, the celebrity is frequently compared to actress and supermodel Elizabeth Hurley.

    She appeared in a variety of TV productions after leaving Home & Away, including Siberia and Broken Contract. She recently spent a brief period of time on Neighbours, a rival Australian soap opera that has recently been cancelled and will air its final episodes later this year.

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