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Romance for Home and Away’s Tane and Harper in new promo

A new Home and Away promo has revealed that Tane and Harper are set for romance, just months after Harper rejected Tane’s attempt to kiss her.

Tane (Ethan Browne) tries to kiss Harper (Jessica Redmayne) back in January, after misreading their friendship whilst on the rebound from Felicity (Jacqui Purvis).

Tane and Felicity split back in October last year when Tane discovered that Flick was still taking her birth control pills despite agreeing that they would try for a baby.

Shortly after the split, Tane moved in with Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Mali (Kyle Shilling), and soon went on the rebound, bringing numerous girls back to the farmhouse to help him get over his failed marriage.

Home and Away Promo – Romance for Tane and Harper

In that time, his friendship with new arrival Harper grew and grew, with Harper and her sister Dana (Ally Harris) becoming Tane’s most regular personal training clients.

Felicity quickly became jealous of Tane’s new friendship, fearing that Tane was on the cusp of moving on with another Summer Bay resident.

While Harper made it clear to Felicity that she wasn’t looking for anything other than friendship with her estranged husband, it wasn’t long until Tane himself made a move.

As the pair finished a training session, Tane went in for a kiss. Harper immediately pulled away with a shocked “what are you doing?”, before making a sharp exit from the beach.

Harper was expecting another confrontation when Felicity overheard Dana joking about the kiss. She went to Felicity prepared to explain herself, but was thrown by Flick’s calm reaction as she simply asked when exactly it happened, before thanking her for her honesty.

When Tane then headed to his and Flick’s former home to explain himself, Flick again remained remarkably calm, telling him that he didn’t need to explain—they’re not together any more, and all she wants is for him to be happy.

Felicity’s kind words impressed Tane, and as they smiled at each other, their old spark reignited. Before they knew it, Tane found himself planting a kiss on Flick.

The pair spent the night together, giving Felicity hope of a reunion, but it wasn’t long before Tane was forced to let her down again, as he told her that their night of passion didn’t change anything.

Since then, Felicity has tried to put her marriage behind her, while still attempting to maintain a friendship with Tane.

After he was arrested for abducting baby Poppy – who he had renamed Maia – Flick did her best to support him, but found herself shut out, with Tane recently giving her a serve as he told her, “I don’t need help from you. We’re not together any more, we’re nothing.”

In an awkward turn of events, Tane’s words gave Felicity the encouragement she needed to move on. Unfortunately, that just so happened to be with Tane’s lawyer.

When Felicity found a handsome man named Marshall (Nic English) sitting alone in Salt and working away on his laptop, she was intrigued.

What she didn’t know was that Marshall had been stood up by a new client – Tane – a fact she only found out the next day, after the pair had already spent the night together.

Tane was furious when he discovered that his estranged wife and his lawyer had slept together, but as a new promo shows, his jealousy isn’t going to lead to a reunion for him and Felicity… at least, not yet.

The new promo reminds us of the events of the past few months, which saw Tane find a baby abandoned in a gym bag on the beach.

“He was desperate to be a dad, but he crossed the line.”

We then see Tane take the stand as his day in court arrives.

“Tane Parata, you are charged with the abduction of an infant from Northern Districts Hospital.”

Marshall recently informed Tane that he faces up to 15 years behind bars for his actions.

Everything is resting on the testimony from Sonia (Olivia Beardsley), Poppy’s biological mother, who is giving Tane her full support. She appreciates Tane’s actions in looking after her baby while she was absent, and doesn’t harbour any resentment towards him for taking her.

However, Marshall has an uphill battle, with both Harper and Dana having been subpoenaed by the prosecution, meaning they’ll be forced to testify against their friend.

“With a charge like this, you’re probably looking at incarceration,” Marshall tells Tane in a scene from earlier this month.

“I’m going to prison, probably for a long time,” Tane tells Flick, accepting his near-certain fate.

“You have to hold on to hope,” Felicity reassures him.

Now, as Tane faces the prospect of saying goodbye to Summer Bay for up to fifteen years, Harper realises that she may have feelings for Tane after all.

“I think I really like him,” she tells her sister.

And, with no time to waste as Tane’s day in court draws near, she lets him know how she feels.

“You have to know by now how much I care about you.”

As the promo’s voiceover tells us that “feelings will surface,” we see Tane move in for a kiss.

This time, Harper doesn’t pull away.

The promo ends as the judge gives her verdict, while Tane and Harper wait with bated breath.

“I am sentencing you…”

Is Tane off to jail, or will a positive testimony from Sonia be the key to his freedom?

With many of Home and Away‘s exterior scenes filmed at Palm Beach in Sydney’s northern beaches, lucky fans often get an idea of what’s in store many months before the action hits our screens.

Thankfully, Ethan Browne has been spotted filming over the past few months, suggesting that the judge lets him off without a custodial sentence.

This leaves the path open for romance with Harper, and fans recently witnessed some very intriguing scenes being filmed. Could we be about to welcome another Summer Bay baby?

Fan footage taken at Palm Beach just a couple of weeks ago appears to show Harper with a baby bump, as Tane fawns over her.

With thanks to Natalie Sharon Hance

A video from the same day shows Harper and Tane just wrapping up a training session. As Tane takes a break to talk to someone else, Harper doubles over and clutches her stomach.

Thankfully it seems there’s no reason to be alarmed, as Harper grabs Tane’s hand and brings it to her bump.

The pair are then seen with big grins on their faces, suggesting that Harper has just felt her baby kick.

With thanks to Natalie Sharon Hance

Tane has always been desperate to have a family of his own, with his desire to have kids eventually calling time on his and Felicity’s marriage. With that in mind, will Harper and Tane decide to try for a baby just months into their new relationship?

However, some other intriguing scenes were filmed just a few weeks before, in late March, making us question just who Tane ends up with.

As the younger residents of Summer Bay gathered to celebrate an engagementBack to the Bay witnessed Ethan Browne and Jacqui Purvis looking very cosy as they slow danced together. While we can’t be sure whether the pair were filming a scene or messing about between takes, it does leave us wondering whether a reunion could be on the cards…

©Back to the Bay

© Back to the Bay

However, eagle-eyed fans haven’t spotted Jacqui filming at the Palm Beach set since March, while one fan on social media claims that a security guard informed them that she has left the show and is travelling overseas.

While nothing is confirmed, many of the show’s cast sign three-year contracts, and with Felicity approaching three years on screen this August, the timelines would certainly add up.

Will Tane find happiness with Harper, or is he set for a reunion with Felicity shortly before her exit from Summer Bay?


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