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“She’s in denial about her whole life changing”: Home and Away’s Ziggy puts her unborn baby in danger

”She can’t do it all.”

Ziggy’s pregnancy is still in its early stages, and she still wants to keep Dean from learning the news. and a sharp-eyed Mackenzie (Emily Weir).

Her morning sickness, however, starts to strike this week on Home and Away at all hours of the day, making a day’s work at the garage more difficult than ever.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) urges her to tell her supervisor Justin that he thinks she is working the equipment too hard (James Stewart).

Ziggy’s morning sickness begins to hit at all hours of the day. (Image: Seven)

She accepts and vows to tell Justin the good news up until the point at which he gives her the promotion she so richly deserves.

She enthusiastically accepts rather than reducing her workload. Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) desires both a child and a prosperous job. Why shouldn’t she, too?

However, a guarded Dean is not pleased, fearing that her attitude of “never say die” is endangering both her and the baby’s health.

The couple’s conversation is just one of many personal struggles they are facing, but according to Sophie, there will be more.

Ziggy ends up in hospital after accidentally inhaling chemical solvent and collapsing. (Image: Seven)

“We witness everything, including uncertainty, dread, delight, and friction between them as a result of overheard conversations about fatherhood and issues like how they would cope with just one automobile or how they will balance Jai (River Jarvis).

It’s critical to demonstrate that since it does occur in reality.”
Ziggy works in the garage by herself on this week’s episode of Home and Away, determined to show Dean and Justin that she is more than capable.

Frazzled with everything going on in her life, she becomes distracted.

As her mind wanders, she accidentally inhales chemical solvent and collapses on the garage floor.

She experiences dizziness when she smells chemicals, but Sophie also attributes it to weariness. “She denies that her entire life has changed. She’s convinced she can handle anything. Undoubtedly, she is a superwoman, but sadly, she is limited in what she can accomplish.”

The gases in the workshop are progressively becoming worse as Ziggy lies there unresponsive. Fortunately, Tane (Ethan Browne) shows up for his auto service and rushes to help her right away.

Has inhaling the fumes hurt the baby?


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