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The Who’s Who Of Neighbours Characters



Been a while since you watched Neighbours? Here is a breakdown of who everyone is so that jumping back into the show doesn’t feel like Paul Robinson’s love life – one big rollercoaster ride!

The Tanaka Household

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, infant Isla, Nicolette Stone, and her mother, the one and only ‘Plain’ Jane Harris, live at the Tanaka residence.

One of Paul Robinson’s (many) children is David. He’s a doctor at Erinsborough Hospital, and in 2018, he married Aaron in the first same-sex wedding ever broadcast on Australian television.

Then there’s Nicolette. She arrived in Erinsborough in 2020 and was quickly hired as a live-in nurse for Aaron’s ailing mother, who was staying at house 24 with his sister Chloe.

When Nicolette told a married Chloe about her feelings, she moved in with the boys and offered to be an egg donor and surrogate for their child.

Nicolette did a runner a few days before baby Isla was born due to falsehoods and betrayal during their journey to parenting. Paul tracked her down and offered her a large sum of money in exchange for the baby and a promise to never return to Erinsborough. But now that she’s returned, everything is forgiven. Jane, her mother, recently moved in and serves as an excellent buffer when it comes to co-parenting concerns.

The Rebecchi Household

Toadie Rebecchi, an original character known for his famed mullet, is now at number 30 with a more subdued hairdo. His daughter Nell, whom he shares with his late wife Sonia, and son Hugo, who was the unintended outcome of an affair with Dee’s wicked, manipulative sister Andrea, live with him.

Toadie’s girlfriend Melanie Pearson (who you may remember from the 1980s as Joe Mangel’s wife) and Mackenzie Hargraves are both at number 30. Mackenzie moved to Erinsborough in 2019 to live with her aunt, but she had a hidden relationship with Toadie’s brother, Shane. Mackenzie stayed in WA with her aunt and moved in with the Rebecchi family. She is presently dating Hendrix Greyson and works at Toadie’s law company.

Add Amy Greenwood and her daughter, Zara, to the mix if this household isn’t already hectic. You may recall Amy from her teen years when she had an on-again, off-again relationship with Lance Wilkinson. Last year, she moved back to Erinsborough and began a polygamous relationship with Ned Willis and Levi Canning. Levi abandoned his relationship with Amy after her daughter Zara showed up and attempted to build friction between them.

To Zara’s chagrin, the couple has just moved in with Toadie to save money while Amy starts up her new business.

The Kennedy Household

You’ll be relieved to learn that Karl and Susan Kennedy are still together after years of marriage, infidelity, breakups, and reconciliations! They continue to help their family and friends, particularly the younger generation.

Hendrix Greyson lives in the same house as the Kennedys. His father Pierce was dating Chloe Brennan when he came in Erinsborough. Hendrix, who was oozing with adolescent angst, got himself into a lot of trouble. Pierce returned to Sydney when his marriage to Chloe ended, and Hendrix moved into number 28. He now works at Harold’s Café, is dating Mackenzie, and has moved on from his bad-boy days.

The Canning Household

Sheila Canning is the matriarch of this home and the proprietor of The Waterhole bar, where she is known as the ultimate gossipy granny. There isn’t a single secret or drama she isn’t aware of!

Levi and Kyle, Sheila’s grandkids, live with her. Levi is a stunning Constable who is a stickler for the law and quite attractive. He’s had his eye on the mysterious Freya, who’s only recently arrived in Erinsborough and is likely to raise a commotion since his relationship with Amy went south.

Kyle was formerly married to Georgia and returned to Erinsborough after their divorce. He’s presently recovering from testicular cancer and is married for the second time to Roxy Willis, a stunning pocket rocket. Roxy has moved in with the Cannings at number 26 and the two are currently enjoying marital bliss — when Roxy isn’t snooping on newcomer Freya, that is.

The Brennan Household

Chloe Brennan is currently riding solo at number 24. She used to be married to Pierce Greyson and works at Lassiters Hotel with Paul Robinson and Terese Willis. After Pierce’s disastrous affair with Dipi Rebecchi was revealed, everything came to an end.

Chloe then started dating Nicolette and they even got engaged, but Nicolette ended it because she thought Chloe was cheating on her. Nicolette is firmly keeping Chloe in the friend zone, despite her desire to get their relationship back on track.

The Willis Household

Number 22 is currently occupied by Terese Willis, her ex-stepson Ned Willis, and Paul’s brother Glen. Terese runs Lassiters with her husband, Paul, whom she just divorced.

Ned is an accomplished artist who enjoys expressing his emotions through his acts, which occasionally leads him into problems. He’s been dating Amy for a time, but their relationship has been strained by the arrival of her daughter Zara.

After years away, Glen has only lately returned to Erinsborough. His brother Paul has a tense relationship with him, which is only exacerbated by the fact that he has emotions for Terese. Awkward!

The Penthouse

Paul and Harlow Robinson usually live at number 22. After Paul’s divorce from Terese, the grandfather-granddaughter combo moved into Paul’s penthouse.

Harlow is the unexpected child of Paul’s son, Robert, who is presently serving time in prison. She was born and raised in the United Kingdom by an English mother, and she traveled to Erinsborough in search of the father she had never met.

After relocating to Australia, she began dating Jimi Hendrix. Their romance fizzled due to his bad-boy tendencies, and now she’s living her best single life, working at the hotel and doing everything she can to reunite her grandparents.

Paul’s son and David’s twin brother, Leo, also live in the penthouse. He only recently moved in after the death of Britney, Abigail’s mother. He’s been coping with the loss while also attempting to balance parenting and running The Winery.


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