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These Summer Bay’s past and present stars are still friends in Real-life

For fans of Home and Away, the relationships formed between their favorite characters are extremely important. As a result, it’s astonishing to observe how long the ties formed between the cast members of the successful soap have survived.

Some of the show’s on-screen friends and partners, such as Lincoln Younes, Samara Weaving, and Kassandra Clementi, have formed friendships that look to last a lifetime!

Indeed, the current ensemble of Home And Away has strong bonds, with actress Sophie Dillman describing her close relationship with the cast and crew as “family.”

“Spending eight weeks away when we weren’t filming and then coming back and seeing everyone, it’s like a family,” Sophie, who plays Ziggy on the show, told us last year.

“We’re all really close because we spend at least 12 hours a day together. Literally, everyone on this set gets on like a house on fire. And I’m so grateful because if we didn’t, we’d kill each other,” she added.

When Nicholas Cartwright joined the group in June, Sam Frost greeted him with open arms, posting a photo of the actor on her Instagram stories alongside a beautiful note praising his work ethic.

“Tonight we welcome this legend @nicholas_cartwright to Summer Bay. Nic is honestly such a breath of fresh air,” she began. “He’s such a selfless and generous actor, and he has an epic sense of humor. We only communicate via memes, which is how it should be. We adore you.”

While Sam has denied that they are dating, the two enjoy hanging out and sharing a laugh when they are not on set.

Sam shared three pictures of them posing with their drinks and smiling from ear to ear, and she captioned the cute Instagram post, “I mean… we’re pretty much the same person. Except I’m way funnier.”

Lynne McGranger is taking advantage of Sydney’s lockdown by spending time with her “little buddy,” Courtney Miller, and their bond extends beyond a stroll through the park. Outside of their roles as Irene Roberts and Bella Nixon on Home And Away, the actors have been seen together quite a bit recently.

On Tuesday Lynne took to Instagram with this most recent snap of them together, the 68-year-old captioning it: “#covidwalks with my little buddy @courtney_ally #freshair #sunshine #catchups”

Just two weeks earlier Lynne shared another cute behind-the-scenes selfie with Courtney from the set of Summer Bay. “Playing in the Bay with my girlie @courtney_ally ?☂️?⭐️?,” she wrote alongside it.

Courtney then shared the snap to her own profile, the 26-year-old chiming in “I’m a lucky gal”.

Lynne isn’t the only Home And Away cast member with whom Courtney has a sweet friendship. In June, a large number of Summer Bay regulars attended the 26-year-art old’s show, with many of them sharing photos from the occasion.

Georgie Parker shared this cute snapshot of her cast mates on Instagram, stating, “It was a fantastic night with my cast mates.” Sam Frost, Emily Weir, Sophie Dillman, and Patrick O’Connor were among those who showed up to support Courntey.

Come together, Alf and Sally! It’s been 13 years since Kate Ritchie left Home And Away, but the 42-year-old and her former co-star Ray Meagher are still as close as ever. The two met for a casual lunch at popular Sydney hotspot Bistro Rex in Potts Point just last week.

“Who would’ve thought this kid from Campbelltown would still be having lunch with this boy from Roma? We did again today and it was food for the soul as per usual.. ??❤️ #loveyouray #andyoutoogilly #lifelongfriends #1987 #2021,” Kate penned alongside this sweet snap.

Since her departure from the show in 2008, the two have remained close friends. Ray even made a surprise appearance on her radio show for a special reunion.

The best of both worlds! Luke Jacobz and his fiancee Raychel Stuart recently joined current Home And Away stars and real-life couple Paddy O’Connor and Sophie Dillman to watch a Swans AFL game.

“What a group to watch with,” Luke shared.

Luke and Paddy aren’t afraid to joke about together.

“Bill & ben the flower pot men,” Paddy quipped next to this selfie.

Georgie Parker, who plays Roo Stewart on the show, and Ditch Davey, who plays Dr Christian Green, enjoyed a mate date lunch outing this week.

“Lunch with the good Doctor ??‍⚕️☕️,” Georgie captioned this sweet snap.

“Obviously my partner is on set with me and it’s fantastic to work with him,” Sophie Dillman explained of her romance with co-star Patrick O’Connor, before admitting the Channel 7 soapie has also helped sow the foundations of friendships with several “great girlfriends.”

“Emily Weir (Mackenzie Booth) and Courtney Miller (Bella Nixon) are two of my really close girlfriends,” the actress mused of her strong bonds.

Penny McNamee and James Stewart’s portrayal of the Morgan siblings has solidified the pair’s off-screen connection.

Their closeness was further emphasized when the actress shared a touching tribute on James’ birthday last October. “Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother, @jamesstewart. Jimbo – you make my time at work so joy-filled. Thank you for your beautiful friendship, solid advice, constant support and ALL THE LAUGHS!! In the hallowed halls of Summer Bay, you have and always will be ‘my person’. Xxx,” she wrote at the time.

Despite not filming many scenes together, Paddy O’Connor and Ada Nicodemou are buds.

“Even though we work on the same show, we don’t do a lot of scenes together @paddy.oco @homeandaway,” Ada shared on Instagram alongside a photo with Patrick, who plays Dean, on the show.

Real-life roomies: Sam Frost and Maddy Jevic are the epitome of friendship goals with the co-stars not only living together but often posting hilarious TikTok videos of their escapades online.

Chatting to TV WEEK about joining Home And Away Maddy admitted she became fast friends with Sam, who she called “divine”.

“It’s just a hoot – what you see is so authentic, we [the cast] all get along so well.”

What a fantastic bromance! Since Ditch Davey joined the show, James Stewart and Ditch Davey have become strong friends.

“He’s a consummate professional, funny and articulate. We’ve really hit it off. I have a buddy now and I’m really happy about it,” James told New Idea of their bond.

“I speak to Kate [Ritchie] every now and then, Tessa James and a couple of the crew members. They’re such an incredible bunch of people. You form these relationships and you don’t let go of some of them,” Jodi Gordon, who played Martha MacKenzie, told us last year of who she keeps in touch with from the show.

Although Johnny Ruffo left the show in 2016, he remains good friends with co-star Lynne McGranger.

“I still see Lynne McGranger every other week,” he said of his former co-star. The pair initially bonded over a mutual love of AFL, and they now have a sweet tradition with their respective teams whereby whichever finishes lower on the table each season, the loser owes dinner.

Sam Frost and Sarah Roberts are besties on-screen, and in real life. Sharing a cute pic of the pair for Sarah’s birthday, Sam wrote: “I love my Sar Bear so much!! I’ve never met anyone who radiates so much warmth & kindness.. Sar is truly beautiful inside and out. I’m very lucky to have such an amazing and supportive friend.” Cute!

Cameron Daddo and Georgie Parker had been friends for a long time, so when Daddo was cast on the show last year, the two were ecstatic. Unfortunately, the actor has since left Summer Bay, but the two have remained friends.

Ladies, unite! When the show went on an unusual eight-week pause last year due to the nationwide COVID-19 blackout, Ada Nicodemou and close companion Lynne McGranger greatly struggled.

“We catch up on House Party and FaceTime and all of those sorts of things. I have to say, when we do go back, I am so looking forward to catching up with all of my Home and Away buddies – but especially Ada. I have missed her,” Lynne confessed at the time.

“We’re best mates. And can I say I am so proud of her, I guess everyone has fallen in love with her because they’ve seen what I see everyday. She’s a beautiful person and I’m really proud of her,” Ada Nicodemou, pictured on a 2017 trip to Italy for Ada’s birthday, proudly explained of her Home And Away bestie Lynne.

The lads have returned to town! After meeting in Australia for the holidays early last year, former Home and Away stars Todd Lasance, Luke Mitchell, Chaz Cottier, Lincoln Younes, and Australian actor Adam Demos hit the links.

Ada Nicodemou “finally got to meet” her former on-screen husband Charlie Clausen’s baby Iona, shortly after she was born in November 2019. “You are absolutely gorgeous,” Ada wrote in the caption.

OG Home And Away besties Bec Hewitt and Kate Ritchie make sure they stay in touch. “Bec has met Mae numerous times and we’ve socialised together as families,” Kate has previously revealed.

Alec Snow and Philippa Northeast hang out in LA.

Kassandra Clementi and Lincoln Younes rock matching flowers in their hair at a friend’s wedding.

Samara Weaving and Charles Cottier regularly catch up.

Tai Hara, Tessa de Josselin and George Mason reunite for dinner.

Nashville star Micah Tootoo and Neighbours star John Harlan Kim hang with H&A’s Christian Antidormi, Jordan Rodrigues, and Lincoln Younes. The gang coordinated in matching stripe tees.

Charles Cottier and Steve Peacocke caught up on the set of Cooped Up.

Luke Mitchell, Kain O’Keeffe and Todd Lasance celebrate Luke’s 31st birthday, which was captured by Luke’s wife and fellow H&A alum Rebecca Breeds.

On-screen sweethearts Evelyn MacGuire and Matt Page were played by Pip Northeast and Alec Snow, who are also very close in real life.

“When you’ve been in transit for 30 hours and you are greeted by this on arrival, all is well,” Pip captioned this photo.

Todd Lasance, Lincoln Younes and Christian Antidormi strike a pose while hiking Runyon’s Canyon in LA. “No flex zone,” Lincoln captioned his Instagram post.

Tai Hara and Johnny Ruffo attend a concert together, with their partners Fely Irvine and Tahnee Sims.

Samara Weaving shared a photo of dinner with her closest friends, including Jackson Gallagher and Demi Harmon (left).

Kain, Christian and Todd spend A LOT of time together. Pictured here with Todd’s wife, Jordan Wilcox.

Kassandra catches up with Georgie Parker and Ray Meagher.

Gang’s all here! Whether on or off set, these H&A besties sure know how to have fun.


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