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Two perfect strangers will arrive in Summer Bay on HOME AND AWAY

Is this the beginning of the end for Sam Frost’s character Jasmine?

Family secrets run deep when two perfect strangers arrive to Australia’s #1 drama, Home and Away.

The classic drama airs 7.00pm Monday to Thursday on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Newcomers Xander (Luke Van Os) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) are set to arrive in Summer Bay, bringing with them a shocking revelation for Jasmine (Sam Frost).

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Home and Away NEW PROMO – Deal with Devil, Hold on to your card, close to your chest

Jasmine’s world is turned upside down as she tries to accept the arrival of her newfound cousins, casting them off as scam artists, after learning that her estranged father had a hidden other life.

However, when Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Jasmine’s boyfriend and local Summer Bay cop, does some research, it appears that the story is true. Jasmine’s recently departed father left her not only a fortune but also two hidden siblings.

Home and Away’s Matt Evans’ relationship status as he lives with co-star Jacqui Purvis away from Theo Poulos role

Rose is looking for a job as a police officer in the Bay Area and quickly develops feelings for a potential coworker; the only problem is that he’s dating her new half-sister.

What brings the two mysterious strangers to Summer Bay? Will Jasmine accept Rose and Xander into her life? Or will she close the door to a family she never knew existed?

Home and away New Promo – Two perfect strangers will arrive in Summer Bay- Would you let them into your world?

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