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Unwelcome guests, an accident and bad news: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane (Ethan Browne) find refuge in each other this week on Home and Away as they recuperate from the ordeal Anne (Megan Smart) put them through after the chemical assault.

However, Felicity ends up getting the wrong idea when she tries to kiss Tane and he pulls away, leaving her humiliated. Is their rekindled friendship over before it had a chance to begin again?

Meanwhile, Mia (Anna Samson) is enraged and terrified when Chloe’s (Sam Barrett) biological father, Matthew (James Sweeny), arrives in the Bay demanding to see his daughter. He refuses to go until something is resolved out, and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) becomes skeptical of Mia’s increasingly dubious behavior. Matthew overhears Irene (Lynne McGranger) chatting to Chloe just as they’ve made an agreement, and realizes his daughter is standing in front of him…

Bella (Courtney Miller) is putting up her best effort at her new job in Salt, but she keeps making mistakes, such as dropping food, giving clients the wrong order, and selling alcohol at the bar without the proper qualifications. Dean (Patrick O’Connor) thinks she’ll be relieved to learn she’s been dismissed after seeing how unhappy she appears – but his plan backfires when he gives the news to her and she collapses into tears…

Here’s what’s coming up on Home and Away for the week beginning Monday January 31.

Felicity is humiliated when Tane rejects her kiss

In the aftermath of the chemical assault, Felicity and Tane find their way to each other, and the two go for a walk together. When Tane is about to go, Felicity asks if he may remain a little longer to keep her company, and the two sleep in each other’s arms. When Cash sees them together, he isn’t impressed and tells Tane to back off. Tane later promises Felicity that he will always be there for her, but she misinterprets his message and kisses him, forcing him to back away. Felicity, humiliated, runs…

Matthew arrives in the Bay to meet his daughter

Mia has started receiving unexpected calls and texts from Matthew, Chloe’s biological father, whom she hasn’t spoken to in over two decades. She returns invigorated after dodging the situation by taking Chloe on a weekend ladies’ trip to the city – until she’s walking down the steps from Salt with Ari and sees Matthew himself entering into the Surf Club. Mia is taken aback and makes a fast excuse to go into Salt to avoid Matthew seeing her – but how long can she keep this a secret from Ari and, more importantly, Chloe?

Marilyn is furious after Logan gives her a sneaky test

Marilyn is content to drink wine, blast music, and continue telling her buddy she won’t be returning until Irene goes into the Beach House to chat with her about her work after she quit. In fact, she’s devised a new business strategy, and Ryder has been enlisted to assist her in setting up a tarot card reading booth in the heart of the beach. Irene’s fears have become stronger, and she demands that Logan test Marilyn no matter what. Marilyn is ecstatic to have her first customer, and costs Logan $60 for his reading. Logan poses a series of questions to test her recall as she prepares the cards. Marilyn finally realizes what he’s up to: he’s testing her without her consent, and she’s outraged…

Leah and Justin are interrupted in bed by an unwelcome guest

After Justin’s painkiller addiction, his dissatisfaction with Tori leaving for London, and Christian and Theo moving in with them, Leah and Justin have lately managed to get their relationship back on track. When Theo goes out for the night to a party, the couple is relieved to have the house to themselves and rush to the bedroom. However, they hear a rustling at the rear door while in bed. Justin tries to persuade Leah that it’s simply possums, but neither of them can ignore the sounds as the bedroom door opens and Marilyn enters, smirking, asking if it’s a bad time…

Bella is devastated when Dean delivers bad news

Bella has been attempting to persuade Mac to hire her as a waitress in order to start a new career in hospitality. Unfortunately, she is clearly not cut out for this career, as she consistently forgets orders, drops food, and attempts to sell alcohol without the proper credentials. Concerned about the ramifications of firing her flatmate, Mac gladly gives over the job to Dean, who is confident Bella will be relieved to find she’s been sacked — she doesn’t appear to be enjoying her time at Salt. When Dean cheerfully informs her of the news, he and Ziggy are taken aback when she sobs and collapses into tears on the sofa…

Dean decides to try surfing again with painful consequences

Dean’s recuperation from the automobile accident with Nikau and Mia has been slow but steady, and he’s back to work. He hasn’t considered surfing yet, despite the fact that he’s almost ready to drive. The waves, on the other hand, appeal to him every day, and Justin finds that he’s having trouble adjusting to being stranded on land. Justin tells him not to push it during a drink in Salt, and suggests he practice on solid ground like toddlers do while they’re learning. Dean tries it out on the floor at home, but when he tries to jump onto the board, he collapses in pain…

Leah departs for Cyprus after discovering VJ was in an accident

VJ was last seen in the UK in early 2018, when he flew out of the Bay in a helicopter to escape Irene’s stepson Mick when he tried to take custody of his stepdaughter Luc. He and Ash have begun a new life in Cyprus with Billie’s kid, when Leah receives a heartbreaking phone call: her son has been in an accident and will be hospitalized for several weeks. She promptly makes plans to flee the nation and board an aircraft to another country…

Justin is surprised to have an unlikely house guest

When Justin is in Salt, conversing with Dean, he receives a call from Leah, telling him that she needs to get to Cyprus right away. He rushes to her aid and drives her to the airport, after which he returns home. He’s taken aback, though, to see Marilyn wandering around in his kitchen, and even more so when she offers to make him a cup of tea. She starts talking about how awful the call was when Leah found out about VJ, and how he could be in the hospital for a while, until Justin asks her why she’s there. Marilyn then drops a bombshell: Leah has agreed to stay at the house with her and Justin, so they’ll have company…


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