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Welcome to Ramsay Street: Here’s where Neighbours is filmed


The renowned Australian serial Neighbours has graced our screens for nearly three decades, following the lives of individuals who reside in the fictional neighborhood of Erinsborough.

Ramsay Street, as well as Erinsborough Hospital, Harold’s Cafe, Erinsborough High School, and Lassiters – all of which are based in Erinsborough – are all iconic locations in Neighbours.

While the suburb may be made up, the location is not, as the show is shot in Vermont South, Melbourne.

While interior scenes for Neighbours are shot at a studio in Nunawading, also in Melbourne, the majority of the filming takes place on the fictional Ramsay Street.

Despite the fact that the street’s name has been modified for the show, Pin Oak Court is a real residential cul-de-sac in Vermont, Melbourne.

Ramsay Street is also a nod to the show’s original protagonist, Max Ramsay, who named the street after his grandfather in the show’s first episode in 1985.

The individuals who live on Pin Oak Street in real life allow film crews to shoot on their front lawns, which contributes to the show’s authenticity.

Paul Robinson’s Lassiters complex, which is located on Sutherland Street beside Lassiter’s Lake, is adjacent to Ramsay Street on the show.

All of the houses, bars, and restaurants have interior scenes shot in the studio, and there is also a purpose-built set at the studios that houses all of the exterior buildings, including Lassiters and Harold’s Cafe.

Interestingly enough, Lassiter’s lake is actually a real lake, built at the studios especially for filming.

The outside of Erinsborough Hospital is filmed near the entrance of the Neighbours production office in Nunawading, however, filming has also taken place at the Austin Hospital and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne.

Exterior pictures are taken at the Blackburn English Language Centre at Burwood East and Coburg Senior High School for Erinsborough High School.

Meanwhile, interior sets consist of a classroom, corridor, and stairwell.


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