10 big moments coming up – huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

    What’s next in Summer Bay?

    Next week on Home and Away, Mac takes a major risk to solve her financial crisis.

    Elsewhere, Jasmine struggles to bond with her long-lost siblings, while Chloe’s worrying behaviour continues.

    Here’s a full collection of 10 big moments coming up.

    Logan tries to pay Mac’s debts

    Home and Away spoilers: WHO pays off Mackenzie Booth’s debts?

    When a debt collector arrives at the pier apartment searching for Mac, Logan is taken aback. He inquires about Mac’s financial status and offers to lend her money, but she dismisses the matter as a few missed car payments.

    Logan comes to Mac’s rescue and pays off the loan. After that, he believes Mac is safe, oblivious to the fact that his good deed has just scraped the surface of the larger issue.

    Mac resorts to illegal activity

    Home and Away spoilers: Chloe Anderson and Theo HOOK-UP!

    Mac tells Felicity that she’ll examine her proposal of holding an illegal poker night at Salt to make some quick money. Felicity takes action fast, planning the event for that evening.

    When Mac’s plan works off, wealthy clients arrive to Salt and spend a fortune on top-shelf beverages while playing poker, he’s overjoyed. Tane also reaps the benefits of the circumstance when he participates in the games and earns money.

    Felicity and Ryder are enthralled by the arrangement and want Mac to make it a regular occurrence, but she cautions that it was only a one-time deal.

    Rose deals with a robbery

    When the Diner is targeted by a robber, Rose is present. She pursues the criminal, pressing him against the door of a passing vehicle.

    When Cash arrives to take control of the situation, he cautions Rose from putting matters into her own hands. Rose presents her police badge, revealing that she is a cop herself, and he is taken aback.

    When Cash notices the surname on the badge, he realises that Rose is Jasmine’s younger sister.

    Rose and Xander decide to stay in the Bay

    Home and Away spoilers: Xander and Rose are sticking around!

    Cash notices Jasmine’s distress over having Rose and Xander in the Bay. It irritates her that they enjoyed a seemingly flawless life with their father, when she was abandoned as a youngster and cut out for good.

    Cash tries to mediate between the long-lost relatives, persuading Jasmine to give her siblings a second shot. His pleadings are heard by Jasmine, who finally decides to let Rose and Xander stay in the Bay, but she can’t guarantee that they’ll be happy families right soon.

    Tane faces tensions with Dean

    Home and Away lines up car accident drama involving Logan Bennett

    Mia prepares a family supper for the Paratas, worrying that they will become estranged after Ari’s death. Tane declines because he is too preoccupied with the poker night.

    Mia is left alone after Chloe and Nikau fail to show up, despite her best efforts in the kitchen.

    Tane feels bad when he learns what happened, but he isn’t amused when Dean confronts him about it the next morning on the beach.

    Tane accuses Dean of abandoning Mia when she needed him the most, but Dean tells him to mind his own business.

    Bella receives a warning over Chloe

    Nikau and Chloe both blame each other for the crossed wires that led to Mia being snubbed over the family dinner.

    At the same time, Dean and Ziggy try to make Bella see that it’s time to establish some boundaries with Chloe, who seems to be obsessed with her.

    Bella encourages Chloe to spend some time reconnecting with Mia. She’s pleased when Chloe appears to take this on board and claims to be in touch with Mia again.

    Nikau reveals that Chloe is lying

    Illegal business, runaways and surprise visits: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

    Nikau warns Bella that Chloe has lied to her and hasn’t spoken to Mia for days. It’s the latest incident in a long period of manipulative behaviour from Chloe, who seems to just be saying whatever Bella wants to hear.

    Bella gets even tougher in response, asking Chloe to move out of the farmhouse.

    Theo is shocked as his father arrives

    When Theo’s abusive father Dimitri arrives in the Bay, stating that he wants them to reunite, he receives a rude awakening. Dimitri tries to be reasonable in front of Leah and Justin, but when he’s alone with Theo, his true personality emerges.

    Dimitri gives Theo the order to gather his belongings and come home. When Theo refuses, insisting on staying with Leah and Justin, he erupts in wrath.

    Dimitri discloses that his wife has left him and blames Leah of turning her against him as Leah and Justin get home and interrupt the dispute.

    Theo and Chloe are drawn to each other

    In the midst of their trying circumstances, Theo and Chloe turn to one other for support. They end up sleeping together, but Nikau finds Chloe kissing a shirtless Theo and busts their secret romance.

    Chloe becomes angry in front of Nikau and tells him that she thinks sleeping with Theo was a bad mistake. She is adamant about wanting to confide in Bella.

    After Bella kicked her out, Chloe informs Bella that sleeping with Theo was a terrible and impetuous mistake. Bella is remorseful for her earlier harsh stance.

    Later, when Chloe writes her true feelings in her journal, she reveals that she lied both Bella and Nikau about her alleged guilt for sleeping with Theo, once again playing for sympathy.

    Leah has an intriguing phone conversation

    Cassandra, Dimitri’s estranged wife, is the name Leah chooses for Dimitri’s estranged wife. Cassandra was astonished to learn that she wanted to leave Dimitri years ago but decided to wait until Theo was able to stand on his own.

    When Cassandra’s statements seem to imply that Theo is in danger, Leah is perplexed. Cassandra declines to elaborate, instead asking Leah to talk to Theo about it.

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