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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

Coming up on Home and Away, Leah’s former clinic roommate Valerie comes to stay in Summer Bay.

Elsewhere, Tane and Felicity share a passionate reunion, and Mackenzie discovers Levi is a married man.

Here’s a full collection of 11 huge moments coming up.

Theo is caught between Leah and Justin

Theo finds himself caught in the middle as Leah and Justin both ask him to keep tabs on the other.

It all becomes too much for Theo, who eventually snaps – telling Leah he can’t be involved in her relationship drama any longer.

After hearing what a terrible state Justin is in, Leah decides it’s time to talk things through as adults.

Say hello to Valerie

Coming face to face at the garage, Leah and Justin both agree it’s not fair to make Theo their go-between. Justin tells Leah how much he misses her, but feeling overwhelmed, she bolts.

Later, Leah has a visitor when Valerie, her roommate from the clinic, turns up at the Diner.

Valerie can’t believe Leah hasn’t returned home to Justin and hatches a plan to try and reunite the couple.

Cash is having second thoughts

Cash is enjoying life after the police force, but Eden fears her boyfriend has thrown away his whole career on a whim.

When Rose hears what has happened, she goes straight over to Cash’s and berates him for being so hot-headed.Her words clearly resonate and Cash later tells Eden he may have been a little hasty in his decision. Cash considers a career change

Rose returns to see Cash and reveals she has been offered a promotion to his rank – meaning she’s effectively taking his job.

Putting his own feelings aside, Cash congratulates Rose on her achievement and takes her out to celebrate.

Over a drink, Cash levels with Rose and admits he has regrets over telling HQ where to go.

But there could be a new opportunity on the horizon when Rose explains a friend of hers has just moved into security and gives Cash his number.

Bree receives devastating news

Eden arrives at the hospital to visit Remi and is concerned by Bree’s growing protectiveness.

The doctor’s anxiety continues to build when she receives a phone call from her mum revealing Bree’s father has been involved in an accident and is on life support.

In turmoil, Bree feels unable to tell Remi what’s going on, but comes clean to Kirby, breaking down in her arms.

Remi supports Bree

As Bree continues to keep Remi in the dark about her dad, Kirby shares her secret with Felicity.

Having had her fingers burnt by not being honest, Flick reckons Kirby should tell Remi the truth – which she does.

Remi urges Bree to go to her dying father, but she feels she’s being punished for what she did to Jacob and is terrified something bad will happen if she leaves him.

After talking things through, Remi is able to reassure her and Bree agrees to go.

Felicity finds out about Tane and Harper

Felicity is shocked to discover Tane made a move on Harper just moments after they’d reached a point of closure in their marriage.

Harper tries to defuse any jealousy by insisting it was just a quick kiss and meant nothing.

Flick seems to take it well, but Tane knows he needs to carry out damage control and goes to Felicity’s to talk things through.

Felicity and Tane sleep together

Tane reveals his reasons for kissing Harper and is taken aback by Felicity’s mature response. But as old feelings resurface, the exes end up falling into bed together.

Afterwards, Felicity’s hopes of a reconciliation are dashed when Tane tells her they made a huge mistake and it can never happen again.

Just to be sure Felicity knows there’s no going back, Tane announces he’s going to New Zealand and doesn’t know if or when he’ll return.

Roo is thrown a lifeline

There may still be hope of saving the Surf Club when Roo receives an anonymous donation of $30,000 – the exact amount that Henderson pulled.

Roo is suspicious about the donation and wants to contact a lawyer to determine if it’s legitimate, but Alf is determined they’re keeping it and overrules her.

Later, Roo receives confirmation that the donation is legitimate. But she’s left to deal with the situation on her own when Alf packs his backs and goes to visit Martha.

Levi drops a bombshell on Mac

Mali continues to support Mackenzie’s recovery, but makes it clear he’s not happy about her blossoming romance with Levi.

Meanwhile, Mac is hopeful of a future with her handsome surgeon, but is confused when Levi seems reluctant for them to get intimate again.Tired of getting mixed signals, she confronts Levi and is stunned when he confesses he’s married. Levi faces a dilemma

Mac’s world is turned upside down by the revelation that Levi has a secret wife called Imogen.

Mali refuses to respond with an “I-told-you-so”, and instead urges his friend to speak to Levi so she can understand what’s going on.

Levi’s response is simple – there’s no drama with his wife, but he simply met Mackenzie and everything changed for him.

The lovers spend another night together, but their happiness next morning is interrupted by the sound of Imogen ringing…


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