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Home and Away spoilers: Bree death bombshell, Levi affair twist and new arrival

Bree makes a devastating discovery about her father in Home and Away, Levi makes a confession to Mackenzie and Leah is shocked when a familiar face arrives in the Bay

The drama escalates next week on Home and Away.

Bree takes a worrying phone call from her mum and although she covers her pain in front of Remi, she’s visibly distressed once he rests his eyes. Kirby catches her crying the following day and Bree opens up.

She reveals that her dad has been in an accident and he’s on life support. Bree insists she can’t leave Remi after his accident, but crumbles later into the arms of a concerned Kirby.

As Bree shows no signs of being honest about her dad, Kirby confides in Felicity. After hearing the advice, Kirby tells Remi that Bree’s father is on life support.

He understandably urges his partner to go to her dying father, but Bree still has reservations. After a tearful heart-to-heart, Remi convinces Bree to go and be with her family.

Elsewhere, Mali continues his disapproval of Mackenzie dating Levi, but he continues supporting her recovery. Mackenzie pushes for an explanation as to why he’s been cagey about them being together, but Levi can’t give her a reason.

That evening, things escalate towards the bedroom. But Levi stops at the last moment, excusing himself and making a quick exit.

When Levi shows up the next day, he confesses he’s married. Mackenzie orders him to leave and turns to Mali for support.

He suggests she speak with Levi directly and get the whole truth. Mackenzie turns up to Levi’s hotel and demands to know why he’s cheating on his wife.

The doctor admits that nothing is wrong in his marriage, he simply met Mackenzie. She proposes they need to get each other out of their systems, and they spend the night together.

The next morning, the duo are shocked when Levi’s wife calls. Across the Bay, Leah tells Theo to keep an eye on Justin.In return, Justin bombards Theo with questions on Leah’s every move when they work together that day. Theo tells Leah he’s had enough – he can’t be involved in their relationship drama while Justin is falling apart.Leah decides it’s time to talk to Justin. At the Garage, Leah and Justin are face to face for the first time in days, but she bolts when he asks what’s going on between them.

As she debriefs with Marilyn at the Diner, her roommate from the clinic, Valerie, walks in. She is shocked after all she heard about Justin that Leah hasn’t gone home to him.

Knowing how much they love each other, she convinces Leah to ask Justin to join them for dinner later. Later, Justin and Theo emerge from the surf and Justin’s eager to get to The Diner for a chance run-in with Leah.

He’s disappointed by her absence, and scopes Alf for intel. He explains that she’s doing better, spending a lot of time with her new friend Valerie.

Grateful, Justin returns to help with Theo’s assignment, but he has already submitted it and Justin feels he should have been more supportive.


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