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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Next week on Home and Away, a shocking showdown outside the Parata house ends in death.

Elsewhere, Ryder’s life hangs in the balance as his latest video stunt goes wrong, while Martha makes a big decision about her planned kidney transplant.

Here’s a full collection of 14 big moments coming up

Mia tells Chloe the truth

Chloe continues to push through with her intentions to live with Matthew. Mia tells Chloe the truth about Matthew sexually assaulting her, determined that this cannot happen.

Chloe is taken aback by the news and is enraged at Mia for keeping the truth from her for so long. Chloe, on the other hand, calms down and shows support for her mother following a heart-to-heart with Bella and Nikau.

Ari proposes

Ari tells Chloe, Nikau, and Tane about his plans for proposing to Mia. Tane and Nikau assist by preparing a hangi to commemorate the occasion.

Chloe assists her mother in getting ready for the event, but Mia is completely oblivious of what is going on. Before they all settle down to dinner, Ari shocks Mia by popping the question in the backyard. Mia accepts, and the Paratas are overjoyed.

Matthew is killed

Matthew is perplexed by Chloe’s decision to ignore his texts and block his phone number. He shows up at the Diner to visit her and is disappointed when Chloe explains that she knows the truth and no longer wants anything to do with him.

By showing up at the Parata house and bothering her, Matthew disobeys Chloe’s desires. When Mia steps forward to help, Matthew grabs her and accuses her of lying about their past.

Chloe steps in to defend her mother, slamming a brick into Matthew’s head. Chloe and Mia both check on Matthew as he falls to the floor and are shocked to realize that he is dead.

Mia plans a cover-up

Mia takes command of the situation by enlisting Chloe’s assistance in securing Matthew’s body in a car boot. She then tells Chloe to go inside and keep quiet about what transpired.

Mia flees with the body, but her strange behavior attracts the attention of local cop Cash, who is on patrol. As Mia desperately tries to get away from him, a high-stakes pursuit ensues.

Cash shows Felicity proof over their father

Cash is irritated because Felicity refuses to realize that their father committed suicide. He tells Jasmine that he has good proof of this, but he is hesitant to share it to Felicity.

Cash hesitantly hands up the autopsy results on their father’s death to Felicity. As the truth finally sinks in, Felicity is horrified, and Cash wonders whether his attempt to help has actually made things worse.

Tane shows support to Felicity

Felicity informs Tane that she intends to leave town for a time and invites him to accompany her. Tane takes command of the issue by locating a comfortable place for them to stay the night.

Felicity confides in Tane about her father’s depression, stating that it’s terrible to know he’s so miserable. Tane consoles Felicity and encourages her to seek help from Cash at this trying moment.

Bella opposes Logan’s presence

Bella is irritated to learn that Mac has extended an invitation to Logan to move into the flat. Bella is reminded by Mac that because she does not pay rent, she has no control in who stays there.

Bella decides to let Logan stay for a trial period when Mac assures that they can establish some ground rules. However, as Logan becomes concerned about Bella’s behavior, he tells Mac that he wants to leave.

Logan explains himself

Mac is perplexed as to why Logan changed his mind after only one day about moving in. She believes Bella’s icy attitude is to blame, but she is unable to speak with Logan about it because he has been called away to work.

Logan later tells Mac that he doesn’t want to live in another share house after his stay in the army barracks. Mac disagrees, claiming that they can work with Bella to ensure that they have their own area, but Logan believes that they should live separately.

Ziggy is rattled by news from Brody

Justin receives a text from Brody confirming the birth of his child. When Ziggy learns of this, she becomes obviously upset, and Justin tries to make amends by telling her.

Ziggy is perplexed by her own emotions because she no longer thinks about her cheating ex-husband. Brody’s happiness with Simone, on the other hand, makes her angry.

Later, Ziggy confides in Dean about how everyone else in their lives appears to be going on except them.

 Ziggy makes a discovery

Ziggy is taken aback when she learns that Dean has been surreptitiously surfing with Logan’s aid. She is nervously watching from the shore, but Logan assures her that Dean is ready for this big step.

Dean displays this when he effortlessly manages a massive wave. As Dean emerges from the water, Ziggy is ecstatic and runs over to congratulate him.

Nikau and John reach a truce

When someone collapsed on the beach, John tries to make amends with Nikau for not assisting him. Because Nikau is trying to help Chloe, the timing is awkward, so he tells John that his hurt feelings are the least of his concerns.

Nikau apologizes to John later in the week and confesses that he may have overreacted to the issue. When John agrees to let Nikau drive the Polaris on the beach, they ultimately reconcile and establish their new alliance.

Ryder makes a dangerous plan

Ryder is concerned about his unresolved debt crisis. He begs Theo to partner up with him for another video challenge because he doesn’t have any other options.

Ryder devises an audacious plan: he agrees to be buried alive in a coffin six feet underground. Theo is enthusiastic about the idea and has promised to be close by in the event of an emergency.

Theo suffers a shock accident at the worst time

Theo breaks his promise by abandoning Ryder to go to the Diner for lunch. Ryder is shocked to discover that he is alone in the coffin, with just his internet following to keep him company.

When the untrustworthy Theo finally returns to the grave, he phones Ryder and promises to be back soon. Ryder, on the other hand, is horrified when he hears Theo trip and pass out. Is Ryder going to be stranded underground now?

Martha’s decision shocks Roo

Roo tells her family she wants to proceed with the kidney transplant, which could save Martha’s life. Martha, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly concerned about Roo’s decision to put herself through this.

Martha surprises everyone by declaring that she does not want the transplant on the day of the procedure. Roo is heartbroken and blames her mother of having given up on life.


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