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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

Next week on Neighbours, Erinsborough High is the scene of a dangerous fire that puts lives on the line, while David and Aaron’s marriage looks set to be hit by even more problems.

Here are 10 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week.

The rift between Aaron and David widens

After Leo’s choice to become a father to Abigail, things are still tight, and Chloe hopes that organizing a get-together for everyone will help to calm things down – a hazardous move that does not go as planned.

Aaron and David are supposed to establish common ground in a cheerful environment, but it all falls apart when Aaron discovers that David had been confiding in a colleague, Dean, about all of their issues.

The revelation quickly reveals that their problems are far more serious than either of them imagined.

Roxy’s scheme pays off

With a Sheila-shaped hole in the Canning family home, Roxy assumes the role of interfering family member by attempting to keep Levi away from Freya – with Kyle’s assistance and encouragement.

After spending some time conversing with Levi’s boss’s wife, she is able to get him assigned to a huge case at work, which would prevent him from assisting Freya in her quest for Gareth. However, while the two are satisfied with their efforts, how would Levi react if/when he learns?

Zara hits rock bottom

Zara’s mistakes are still haunting her, and she’s drawn Hendrix into the drama by planting a kiss on him and convincing him to keep it hidden from Mackenzie. However, everything comes crashing down for her the following week when she discovers she has been stabbed in the back by her so-called friends, Sadie and Aubrey.

Not only does she have to deal with them, but she also has to deal with an enraged Hendrix and Mackenzie, and she realizes how much harm has been done to her relationship with Amy. Is Zara’s time in Erinsborough coming to an end now?

David and Paul make peace

When David, quite rightfully, blew open his latest dishonest attempt to win over Terese, he found himself in Paul’s bad books. Now that Paul is back in the hospital, Harlow decides to try to resolve the concerns that have arisen between them.

Harlow persuades David to pay Paul a visit, and the two are able to put the past behind them and go forward. But, after what he did to Terese, will a devastated Paul learn his lesson, or will he return to scheming before long?

Glen organises a trip away

Glen is overjoyed when he wins a vacation away, and his first item of business is to enlist the help of some of his fellow Ramsay Street neighbors.

Terese can’t help but feel that he’s keeping something from her while he’s busy organizing that, and her attempts to get him to open up fall short. Is Glen keeping a secret, and given the numerous disasters that the residents of Erinsborough have experienced, will this trip also end in disaster?

A fire breaks out at Erinsborough High

At this point, it might be best if Erinsborough High has its own fire station on campus, as another blaze is expected to break out next week, putting lives in jeopardy.

As the fire spreads, feuding Mackenzie and Zara are trapped inside, and things don’t look good for either of them.

When Hendrix runs in to try to save them, he puts his own life on the line, and it appears that the game for three Erinsborough teenagers is over. Will they be all right, and who set the fire? Zara is being investigated once more…

Kyle and Roxy make baby plans

Despite the fact that Roxy and Kyle have just recently married, they have decided to begin aggressively trying for a child. They want to seize the opportunity after recent events and get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.

Terese, on the other hand, is concerned that they are rushing into a major life decision and advises them to proceed with caution. Will they pay attention to her and take their time, or have they made up their minds already?

Zara is arrested

Zara is quickly detained and dragged in for interrogation as the finger of suspicion is pointed firmly at her for the near-fatal school fire. She maintains her innocence while attempting to get Sadie to do the right thing and disclose all she knows about how it all began.

But Aubrey is dead set on keeping the facts hidden, and he puts a lot of pressure on Sadie to keep quiet. Is Zara about to be sentenced to prison for a crime she didn’t commit?

David ignores Aaron’s request

Aaron expressed his displeasure with David confiding in Dean about their troubles, resulting in a tense exchange between the two. David agrees when Aaron states unequivocally that he wants David to keep his distance from Dean.

The couple’s issues do not go away, and David is soon lured back to Dean, where he once again opens up about his marital issues. Is David putting himself in jeopardy of losing Aaron by going behind Aaron’s back once more?

 The search for Zara begins

Zara writes a goodbye note to Amy and quits Ramsay Street, convinced that the truth about the fire will never be revealed and that she will be held responsible.

When Amy hears that her daughter has gone missing, Toadie and a few other Ramsay Street residents, as well as the police, go to work looking for her. Will Zara be apprehended, and if so, will she be able to prove that she was not the one who set the school on fire?


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