Alleged Home And Away catfish Lydia Abdelmalek told ‘pack of lies’ court

    An alleged “catfish”who used the identity of a former Home And Away star to stalk women told a “pack of lies”, a court has been told.

    According to a court, a lady who reportedly pretended to be a Home And Away actress in order to “catfish” victims told a “pack of lies.”

    Lydia Abdelmalek was sentenced to two years and eight months in jail in 2019 after being found guilty of six charges of stalking.

    But she promptly filed an appeal, and on Tuesday, the 32-year-old took the stand at the County Court of Victoria.

    She allegedly stalked many people, including two Queensland women, using various internet personalities, including that of former Home And Away actor Lincoln Lewis.

    Ms. Abdelmalek was questioned about discrepancies between what she told police and her most recent testimony in court concerning her interaction with one of the alleged victims.

    She informed the court that she knew the woman and that they were acquaintances but not friends.

    Crown prosecutor Angela Moran questioned, “What I want to argue to you is that what you’re saying about (the claimed victim) is an absolute load of lies.”

    Ms Abdelmalek stated, “I disagree with that.”

    In multiple interviews with officers, Ms Moran made it clear to the alleged stalker that she had no relationship with the alleged victim.

    “No, I did not,” Ms Abdelmalek stated emphatically.

    A detective questioned Ms Abdelmalek in a police interview aired in court about whether she ever spoke to the woman directly “for any reason.”

    “Not that I know of,” Ms Abdelmalek said in the interview.

    When probed about the contradiction, she responded that the detective didn’t put whether she “talked” to the alleged victim.

    Ms Abdelmalek explained, “I communicated through emails — this is did you ever talk to her, and it would have been an entirely other thing.”

    “I communicated with her (the alleged victim) through emails, phone conversations, and messages, but (the investigator) never asked me, ‘Did you ever have a phone conversation with her?'”

    The claimed victim later committed suicide.

    Ms Abdelmalek previously testified that she was receiving “harassment calls” and that her iCloud account had been hacked.

    The volume of data on various devices, according to a cyber specialist, could only have been made by a nation state actor if it wasn’t created by Ms Abdelmalek, the court was told.

    “If it wasn’t developed by you,” Ms Moran said, “it’s only compatible with the conduct of a national state threat actor ready to invest millions and millions of dollars to frame you.”

    When questioned if she was an enemy of any foreign country, Ms Abdelmalek replied that she was not.

    Judge Claire Quin is hearing the appeal, which has been ongoing for more than 60 days.

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