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Baby neglect, dangerous intentions, and Paul Robinson’s lies: 7 Big Neighbour spoilers

With Leo (Tim Kano) battling grief, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) being delusional, and Zara (Freya Van Dyke) going way too far, the Neighbours lot are not happy campers this week.

Let’s begin with Leo, who is suffering from the effects of his loss. He’s having such a hard time that he accidentally puts Abigail’s life in jeopardy. He makes a stunning decision since he is so distressed by his deeds. What will David (Takaya Honda) do in this situation?

Paul is in cuckoo world when he decides that the greatest thing he can do is persuade Terese to give their marriage another chance. Karl (Alan Fletcher), a dubious character, may be the one to foil his schemes. Will his world come crashing down in a storm like the Flamingo bar?

This is a puzzle. The townspeople are baffled by Freya, but Roxy (Zima Anderson) is getting closer to discovering her secret. What will it mean to Levi (Richie Morris)?

And Zara is about to push the boundaries of even the most tolerant person when she decides to spread yet more lies. Will she get found out?

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Paul betrayed by David

Paul does what he does best: he schemes. Desperate to maintain Terese in his life but aware that he is going to lose her due to his health improving and her plans to move out, Paul does what he does best: he schemes. He fires Karl as his doctor and replaces him with another, stating that his health has deteriorated and that he need Terese’s continued care. Karl is understandably perplexed by his sudden firing and enlists David’s assistance in solving the mystery. Is Paul’s son going to betray him?

Baby’s brush with death

Leo is so consumed with grief that he’s not thinking straight. This is the worst way to be while looking after an infant and disaster strikes – resulting in Baby Abigail ending up in hospital. Leo is distraught at having caused his daughter harm. After the incident, the boys notice Leo is doing everything he can to avoid spending time with her, what’s going on with him?

Terese agrees to second go at marriage

Terese is playing the loyal wife and taking care of Paul while he is lying about his illness. She agrees to give their marriage another chance after some strong coaxing, a.k.a. blatant manipulation. He is convinced that he can change for her and goes out to show it (all the while lying to her face about his health). Will David figure out what’s going on, and how will Terese respond if he does?

Freya’s dangerous intentions

Levi is perplexed when he learns of the peculiar circumstances that led Freya to Erinsborough. He’s smitten with her, so her strange past won’t stop him. Love may have blinded him, but it hasn’t blinded those around him, and Freya’s lies may not be getting away with her. She persuades Levi to take a joyride in a police car, and despite his apprehensions, it turns out to be an unforgettable date. That is, until Freya’s true goals are made abundantly clear. Roxy catches her red-handed, but Levi is too enamored with her to realize the reality, so Roxy comes across as paranoid. Can she persuade Levi Freya that he’s a nasty guy?

Amy shocks Zara with unexpected move

Amy is in financial distress and has run out of time. She makes a hasty decision because she can no longer afford her apartment and moves in with Toadie without informing Zara. That’ll undoubtedly agitate the hornets’ nest, but Amy is concerned about Zara’s lack of adjustment and believes that this will make things easier for them both. Will this assist Zara, or will she continue to spiral out of control?

Zara takes things too far

Yes, Zara has gone so far off the rails that she’s currently cruising down a steep embankment. But it’s not entirely due to her mother’s erratic behavior. On their beach day, Zara is keen to impress the cool girls. She intends to take advantage of her friendship with Hendrix by bragging to the other girls about her friendship with the big boys. It works, and they’re impressed, but Zara, being Zara, has no idea where to stop. She goes gone too far, and she’s now completely engulfed in an unsustainable falsehood. How is she going to get out of this?

Leo gives up Abigail

As Abigail fights to recover from her injuries, Leo reasons that he is too dangerous to be her father. With that, he makes a drastic decision – he plans to take a huge step back from her care and leaves it up to the boys. He believes he’s not good enough to be her dad and wants them to raise her instead.

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