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Neighbours star Tim Kano reveals aftermath of Leo Tanaka and baby Abigail cliffhanger



Tim Kano, star of Neighbours, spoke to Digital Spy about Leo Tanaka’s recent dramatic decision.

Following the unsettling event at Number 32, Leo decides to permanently hand up his infant daughter Abigail to David and Aaron in the upcoming episodes.

On Friday’s (January 28) broadcast of Channel 5, Leo turned away from Abigail for a brief minute to accept a phone call.

Leo was startled when he heard a loud thump and realized Abigail had fallen off the sofa.

Abigail will be transported to the hospital as a result of the incident, and while she will recover, Leo will continue to doubt himself as a parent.

Tim told Digital Spy: “It’s the accident with Abigail which is a real catalyst for Leo’s decision. Abigail is just another thing that he’s too scared to lose. He doesn’t want to get hurt again after losing Britney.

“Leo also feels the pressure after Britney’s death. He fears that he’s never going to live up to the expectation, as Britney would have made an amazing mother.

“Leo thinks it would be easier to give Abigail to these two doting parents, who totally adore their child Isla and would welcome Abigail in with open arms.

“He also doesn’t feel like he’s capable. First of all, he wasn’t trying to have a child and didn’t even know about the baby – she was sprung on him. He was still in business mode and living his bachelor life in New York.

“I think he’s really overwhelmed and doesn’t want to fail his daughter or let Britney down, so that’s why he hands Abigail over.”

Tim forewarned Leo’s loved ones on Ramsay Street that his decision would be met with conflicting reactions.

He said: “Aaron is really keen to take on Abigail. They’d already formed a strong bond when they thought that Abigail was their daughter.

“But I know David, Chloe and a lot of the other characters feel that Leo is making a mistake. They try to suggest to him that keeping her on would be the better idea.”


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