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Deadly explosions, love triangles and fertility woes: Tori Morgan’s most defining Home and Away moments throughout the years

Tori may have left Summer Bay, but she will never be forgotten by Home and Away fans.

After bursting onto our screens in 2016, Tori Morgan (played by Penny McNamee) instantly became a fan-favourite among Home and Away viewers.

In five years, the fictional character has lived out many milestones in Summer Bay. From a deadly explosion, fertility struggles, a coma and more love triangles than we can count, Tori has truly experienced it all.

The doctor eventually got her happily ever after last month after marrying Christian Green (Ditch Davey), with the pair deciding to leave the Bay and head to London for new job opportunities.

In tribute to one of the greatest Home and Away characters of all time, we’ve rounded up Tori’s most defining and life-changing Summer Bay moments.

Tori was introduced to the Bay during the caravan park explosion storyline back in 2016.

The doctor was attending a fundraiser for the local hospital at the Summer Bay Caravan Park when a gas bottle was knocked over and ignited.

Tori immediately started to help injured locals.

“She sees all these people who need help and she just goes into doctor mode,” Penny said of her character’s reaction.

Back at the hospital, Tori had the difficult task of telling Maddy Osborne (Kassandra Clementi) that her injured arm needed to be amputated.

After treating victims of the explosion, Tori she realises that she feels “at peace” in the Bay and decides to settle down there.

In 2018, she decides to undergo fertility treatment to have a child. The storyline began shortly after Ash’s exit, when Tori suspects she may be pregnant.

“Tori has made no secret of the fact that she would love to have children. Ultimately, she assumed, she would find a partner and they would have kids together. However, so far, a long-lasting relationship has evaded her, and so she has only recently started considering IVF,” Penny said of her character’s decision.

After learning that there is a long waiting list for donor sperm at the fertility clinic, Tori asks Robbo (Jake Ryan) to father her baby.

Robbo is “stunned” by Tori’s request and is further complicated by his relationship with Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost).

Tori gives Robbo the chance to back out but he goes through with it.

Tori is devastated after suffering a miscarriage, but wants to try again as soon as possible.

Tori finally meets her baby, Grace, after spending weeks in a coma.

The new mum had suffered a stroke and collapsed following the birth of her baby.

Robbo brought Grace to Tori, but as she cradled the baby, she became agitated. She claimed the child wasn’t hers and demanded Justin take the infant away.

Penny previously told TV WEEK why Tori was so distressed. “She’s expecting to see this little newborn, but Grace is six weeks old by then.”

Tori juggles working as a doctor and raising Grace alone after losing Grace’s dad, Robbo, in a tragic car accident.

Tori found herself in a love triangle with Duncan Stewart and Nate Cooper (pictured).

“Tori is still wary of Nate, but can’t deny her feelings. She has this natural chemistry she tries to avoid, but can’t,” Penny said of her character’s predicament.

She ends up turning Nate down as she wants to give Duncan a chance.

Tori and Duncan eventually break up, giving Tori the opportunity to explore her repressed feelings for Nate.

When the pair get stuck in a hospital elevator together, they end up having sex.

Tori and Nate decide they want to pursue something serious with each other, but initially keep the relationship a secret.

Fresh from her break up with Nate, Tori starts dating Martin “Ash” Ashford (George Mason).

“Every girl has a crush on a bad boy at some stage, and now it’s Tori’s turn!” Penny said.

The hospital halls were buzzing with rumours about Tori and Christian Green (Ditch Davey) since their first flirtatious encounter.

The pair lock lips, but realise their behaviour is unprofessional and pull away, Tori exiting before anyone notices.

“Tori is a rule-follower and has been all her life. So she wants to jump and not think about the consequences,” Penny previously revealed of Tori’s spontaneous kiss.

Tori’s love life truly began to take off when Christian made the move to Summer Bay permanently as things got serious between the couple.

To say Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian’s (Ditch Davey) relationship has been a whirlwind is an understatement.

Earlier this year, as the doctors went for a romantic stroll along the pier, Christian suddenly professed his love for Tori and asked her to marry him.

Who could forget that cringe moment when Tori went in for the kiss as Christian was reaching for an elevator button.

“Who doesn’t love a wedding storyline? It’s the perfect send-off for my character. I was definitely holding a few real tears back on the day,” Penny said of the highly-anticipated nuptials.

In September, Tori and Christian said their ‘I dos’ while good friends Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Tori’s brother Justin (James Stewart) watched on.

Penny said the wedding was the “perfect send-off” for Tori, who left Summer Bay shortly after.

Thanks to an exciting job offer in London, Tori and Christian left Summer Bay together for good.

“I’m not someone who looks backwards. I’m a real believer in everything has its season and leaving the show felt like the end of a season to me,” Penny told WHO.

“I feel hugely grateful for the amazing time I’ve had on the show.”


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