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Home and Away’s Leah in danger as fans ‘work out’ Valerie’s link to cult Vita Nova

Home and Away fans believe Leah Patterson is in grave danger.

Fans of the Aussie soap were recently introduced to Valerie (Courtney Clarke) – Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) roommate from the mental health clinic. Shortly after they were both discharged, Valerie came and found Leah in Summer Bay.

Earlier in the week, Valerie grew closer to Theo (Matt Evans) as they enjoyed a drink at Salt. However, Theo touched a nerve when he asked about Valerie’s family.

During Thursday’s instalment (March 28) of the Channel 5 soap, Theo apologised if he overstepped the mark by asking about her family the night before. After accepting Theo’s apology, Valerie opened up to him about her life.

She admitted nobody has asked about her past for a long time, except for counsellors. She went on to recall the harrowing events that led to her brother’s death.

Valerie’s brother picked her up from a party but the siblings got into a huge argument on the way home. This resulted in them landing upside-down in the car, and despite Valerie’s pleas for her brother to wake up, he never did.

The newcomer confessed that her parents never forgave her and their family was torn apart. Although fans are learning more about Valerie, they aren’t so sure if she can be trusted.

Sharing their thoughts online, one wrote: ” Valerie is clearly a psycho, I wonder who she will be latching onto, if not just Leah/Justin.” Another said: “Ooh who is Valerie ? She’s gonna be trouble I can feel it, and I’m into it.”

“Valerie and Theo being together is only going to lead to trouble,” claimed a third. Another fumed: “Okay who the f**k is Valerie any guesses why is she targeting Leah Justin and Theo

A fifth speculated: “What’s the bet V alerie is the last member of vita nova they forgot to arrest.” Fans will remember Leah and Justin (James Stewart) were kidnapped and left for dead by the notorious cult at the end of last year.

Justin came inches away from death, while Leah couldn’t cope with the trauma and ended up in a mental health clinic after threatening her fiancé with a knife.


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