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Home and Away airs update on pregnancy story

Home and Away’s Bree Cameron has received support from Remi Carter over her pregnancy decision.

Bree recently received a positive pregnancy test result but wasn’t sure whether the father was Remi or her abusive husband Jacob, who recently died.

The Summer Bay doctor later struggled with how to tell Remi the truth, fearing he’d feel betrayed that she’d slept with Jacob during her kidnap ordeal. However, Bree’s friend Rose Delaney assured her Remi would understand.

In Thursday’s episode on Channel 7 in Australia, Bree finally told Remi about the pregnancy test result.

She was relieved when Remi was kind and understanding in response, just as Rose had predicted.

Bree said: “I didn’t mean to push you away, but I just felt so guilty. I felt like I cheated on you.”

Remi replied: “You don’t have to feel guilty. You did what you had to do to survive.”

Later, Remi asked whether Bree planned to organise a test to find out who the father was. She confirmed that she wouldn’t, as she had already decided to terminate the pregnancy.

Once again, Remi vowed to support Bree – and also promised to accompany her to the clinic the following day if she wanted him there.

Bree told Remi she wanted him to come, and seemed pleased to have him by her side once more. Could there still be a future for them?

Home and Away fans in the UK will see these scenes on Channel 5 in May


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