EastEnders; Stacey Slater to face new dilemma in Jean aftermath

    In the aftermath of Jean’s story, Stacey Slater of EastEnders will confront a new decision next week.

    Stacey (Lacey Turner) will struggle with Martin as they try to come to terms with what happened to Jean in Southend.

    Stacey initially seeks Martin’s help in telling Lily the truth about Jean, but it quickly becomes clear that they have very different perspectives on how to approach the problem.

    Martin is more concerned than Stacey, who believes Lily should know the truth.

    Martin seeks Zack’s advice on whether he and Stacey should tell Lily the truth.

    Zack offers some soothing words, leading Martin to believe that it is, after all, the proper thing to do.

    Lily is eager to learn the truth when Stacey returns from visiting Jean, but this time it is Stacey who has a change of heart.

    After sending Lily away, Stacey informs Martin that she has changed her mind and no longer believes she should be informed.

    Martin disagrees with Stacey’s determination to protect Lily, which leads to an argument. The previous couple is unaware that Lily is hearing as they argue.

    Shirley later notices Lily attempting to steal a drink at The Vic. Shirley, feeling sorry for her, allows her to enquire about Jean on the condition that she keep it a secret.

    Lily, eager to learn the truth, seizes the opportunity and inquires about Jean’s fate, but how will Stacey react?

    Harvey expresses regret for what transpired next week with Jean and expresses concern about visiting her in the hospital.

    Harvey instead drives a frantic Stacey to the hospital when she comes to tell her car won’t start.

    Harvey goes inside with Stacey after noticing her anxiety, but how will the encounter go?


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