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Emily Symons’ touching tribute to Georgie Parker following Home & Away reunion

Following her return to set, Emily Symons paid a touching tribute to her Home & Away co-star Georgie Parker.

Emily uploaded a sweet selfie on Instagram on Tuesday with some of Summer Bay’s best, including Georgie, Ada Nicodemou, Lynne McGranger, Nicholas Cartwright, and Luke Van Os.

“Beside ourselves to see our lovely @georgieparker again ?,” Emily captioned the photo. “We missed you! @homeandaway.”

Georgie (who portrays Roo Stewart on the soap) was quick to comment, penning: “Beautiful Em, love you ???.”

Ada published an equally heartwarming post exalting in the reunion, and Emily wasn’t the only H&A star to welcome her back with open arms.

“Welcome back to work @georgieparker we’ve missed you ❤️ @homeandaway.”

Equally touched by the post, Georgie commented: “Oh sweetheart, thanks so much. I’ve missed the madness and the fun ❤️.”

Georgie, meanwhile, marked her return to set with a photo of herself and Ray Meagher (who portrays Alf on the show).

“Back in the Bay with Ray ??,” the actress wrote.

Georgie’s character, Roo, dealt with a kidney transplant storyline in last year’s finale. The actress told our sister magazine WHO that she was “ecstatic” to be able to portray this on TV.

“It was nice to be involved in the big cliffhanger for once after not being involved in a finale story arc for a few years!” I was ecstatic to learn that Roo might be donating a kidney to her mother, Martha [Belinda Giblin], despite their tumultuous relationship, since I believe it’s critical to raise awareness about organ donation.”

While things appear to be heating up in Summer Bay, it appears to be a different story on Ramsay Street, where another famous serial, Neighbours, which is broadcast on Network 10, is in danger of being canceled.

Neighbours fans took to to save Ramsay Street when filming halted Down Under after word came that the iconic show might be removed off the air in the UK.

Given that majority of the soap’s production funding comes from UK stakeholders, the soap’s future in Australia is also in danger.

On Sunday afternoon, Fremantle Media executive producer Jason Herbison discussed the issue, saying that there are “ongoing negotiations” concerning the show’s future internationally.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, he stated, “Our audience remains constant, and [Australian partner] Channel Ten would love to see the show continue if we could find another broadcast partner to replace [Channel 5].”

“These conversations are ongoing, but there is currently no new broadcaster, so production must come to a halt, effectively putting the show on hold.”

We are incredibly proud of the show, you, and everything you’ve accomplished. But, for the time being, this chapter is coming to a close, and we’d like to work together to give Neighbours the send-off it deserves.”


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