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Harley Bonner slams cancel culture after leaving Home and Away amid COVID vaccine mandate



One month after leaving his role on Home and Away, Harley Bonner lambasted cancel culture in an emotional Instagram outburst.

The serial star resorted to social media to call cancel culture “the lamest of the lame,” referring to the tendency of ostracizing people or companies who are insulting.

“Why would you waste time wishing someone didn’t exist purely because they said something that made you feel something perceived as negative? Because you’re ‘offended’ So? What then?” his post began.

“Why is feeling offended suddenly the most unacceptable experience? Better use of time would be asking yourself why it was possible for it to offend you in the first place.

“Take control of your damn experience. Wishing the stimulus away rather than addressing your own mental triggers is the laziest s–t ever.”

The 30-year-old then claimed the world needs to “screw its damn head back on”.

While Harley didn’t say what motivated him to speak out against cancel culture, the outburst appears to have started after he left Home and Away, with stories claiming he refused to get vaccinated against COVID.

On January 11, the actor, who is the son of Neighbours actress Carla Bonner, revealed his departure from the show, stating on Instagram: “Thank you for everything, and I wish you all the best. I’m overjoyed. It’s a good life. Continue to show kindness.”

Given that more seemed to be in store for Harley’s character Logan, who only joined the show in August of 2021, his exit from the soap in early January came as a shock.

He’d recently started dating Emily Weir’s character Mackenzie Booth, and teaser teasers for the following season revealed that a mysterious stranger known to Logan would be joining the show.

However, it is believed the role of Logan will not be recast.

Since Seven West Media mandated COVID vaccinations for cast and staff, Harley is the second individual to depart the show, following Sam Frost.

Last October, Director of Production Andrew Backwell sent out an email stating that the network will “only engage fully vaccinated presenters, cast, and crew.”


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