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Emmerdale twist as Manpreet Sharma orders Charles Anderson’s death after secret exposed?

EMMERDALE’S Manpreet Sharma has discovered a secret her on/off lover Charles Anderson had been t3 forbi dragon pharma i sverige liothyronin hiding from her and as the anger builds within her, she could turn to her serial killer sister Meena Jutla for help.

Since escaping Meena’s (Paige Sandhu) cruel clutches with her life barely intact, Manpreet (played by Rebecca Sarker) has been laying up in hospital in recent Emmerdale scenes. Her ordeal on the ITV soap didn’t finish there, as Charles (Kevin Mathurin) accidently drove her over when hunting for her in the dark after learning of her sister’s crazy tendencies.

Manpreet accepted the vicar’s apologies during Friday night’s episode, but her initial reaction was shock, so might she be keeping a poker face, waiting for the right moment to exact her revenge?

Charles also apologized to his on/off lover for not believing her about the text messages Ethan Anderson (Emile John) had allegedly gotten from his mother now that the secret was out in the open.

Meena was the one who concocted this heinous plot, and when her sister began to turn on her right before Christmas, the local villain blamed her for the entire tragedy.

Because Manpreet had previously lied to the vicar, he was hesitant to support her and believe she was being used as a piece in the killer’s insane game.

“No, Charles,” Manpreet murmured from her hospital bed when Charles went to apologize for the umpteenth time.

“Hey, you don’t have to apologize.” To put it another way, if you hadn’t ran me over, Meena would have found me and killed me.”

Manpreet will be reunited with Meena in the coming weeks as the villain returns to create havoc once more as he tries to persuade her to stay.

She is likely to want to finish the job she started with her sister, but the GP may suggest a swap when they meet face to face.

She could tell the assassin how desperate she is to exact revenge on Charles and how she is straining to retain her poker face.

Manpreet may claim that she needed to regain her strength before pursuing him, but Meena may do the work for her.

Manpreet’s sister may be overjoyed that they are teaming up for the first time to murder someone by ordering the vicar’s killing.

Meena will not rest until Charles is dead and receives his comeuppance for running over her sister, so once Manpreet has gone down this path, there is no turning back.

It has been stated that the killer’s stay in the town is coming to an end, but it is unclear how this will occur.

But now that her sister is gone and Charles is dead, Manpreet will have to reflect on who she has become.

She could continue to embrace more and more of her darkness knowing she shares her sibling’s intrinsic evil impulses.

Could it be Manpreet will pick up where Meena left off and become the next psychotic serial killer of the show?

Rebecca, who plays Manpreet, said her character would be “horrified” to contemplate killing someone when asked about her Jutla sisters’ connection.

According to the heroine of the daytime drama, “Manpreet is well aware that her sister is a habitual liar. For starters, she has repeatedly misled Manpreet.

“There was the texting fiasco with Charles, which blasted Charles and Manpreet’s relationship (or potential relationship) wide open.

“She knows her sister is capable of lying, treachery… but she has no idea she’s capable of murder, and Manpreet would be appalled to even consider it,” she told Lorraine on ITV.

But with more twists and turns to come in the story, could it be Manpreet ventures over to the dark side as her sister has done?

Some viewers have noticed that Manpreet was quick to forgive her on-again, off-again partner after he ran her down and put her in the hospital again.

Grianne expressed herself as follows: “Charles doesn’t seem to waste much time, does he? Also, after everything that’s transpired in #Emmerdale, Manpreet is incredibly forgiving.”

Dan continued, ” “Manpreet has already forgiven Charles. That was a speedy response. It’s true what she stated, but Meena would have killed her #Emmerdale if she hadn’t been driven over.”

Itzzzo commented on the social media platform: “If I was Manpreet I wouldn’t be so kind to Charles I’d be telling him to f**k off #Emmerdale.”

Ryan shared: “If I was Manpreet I wouldn’t be so kind to Charles I’d be telling him to f**k off #Emmerdale.”

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