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Home and Away spoilers: Marilyn becomes abusive and begins stealing


After collapsing outside overnight, losing sensation in her legs, and being placed in an induced coma, Marilyn (Emily Symons) has recently been released from the hospital. Marilyn hasn’t been herself since coming to the Bay, and her harsh and belligerent behavior has alarmed her friends.

Irene (Lynne McGranger) tries to keep an eye on Marilyn by having a friend stay with her, but their time together doesn’t go as planned when Marilyn complains about the bed and the tea Irene served her. Irene accepts Marilyn’s invitation to accompany her to Yabbie Creek for some shopping.

Irene is horrified to learn that the new Marilyn is happy to verbally insult a young shop attendant and then walk out of a store without paying for a meditation bowl because she didn’t believe she was being served swiftly enough.

Marilyn sees nothing wrong with herself and believes that Irene is patronizing her by babysitting her. The scenario worsens when Jasmine (Sam Frost) returns home that evening and starts talking about Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), only for Marilyn to remind her of her previous terrible choices in men.

An astonished Marilyn arrives into the house the next morning with alcohol in her shopping bags, so Irene hasn’t seen the worst of it yet. Irene informs her that the house is alcohol-free, but Marilyn breaks her own rule by claiming that the bottle of brandy is to help her sleep – so this appears to be more of Irene’s problem than hers…


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