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EXCLUSIVE: Summer Bay’s hot bodies!

It’s no secret that Home and Away has the hottest cast around, and fans may be wondering how they manage to stay fit and healthy all year round.

Ada Nicodemou, Ethan Browne, Jacqui Purvis, Emily Weir, Kawakawa Fox-Reo, and Nicholas Cartwright, all Summer Bay favorites, spoke with New Idea about their finest fitness tips and tactics.

Continue reading to find out what they had to say, as well as exclusive photos!

Jacqui says she’s hoping to perfect her surfing skills this year.

Ethan Browne & Jacqui Purvis

They say many hands make light, and as Jacqui (Felicity) reveals, working out together can be as equally as encouraging.

“Last year, my flatmate and co-star Matt Evans (Theo) built a core exercise for us both,” she explains – and one look at her body reveals that the practice is effective! “We also meet up with Ethan (Tane) on occasion,” Jacqui says, maintaining that she would rather work out than obsess over diets.

“I despise diets and hope to never have to go on one. She claims, “I eat whatever I want, whenever I want.” Ethan places a high value on his physical well-being.

“I want to be the best version of myself,” he says. Weightlifting or martial arts training are both beneficial to my physical and emotional wellness.”

Ada says her son Johnas keeps her motivated.

Ada Nicodemou

Keeping fit and healthy can be difficult, but as Ada (Leah) tells New Idea, thankfully she has son Johnas, 9, to keep her motivated.

“He is an energy bunny! He does not stop – from the moment he gets up to the moment he goes to sleep,” she laughs.

This year, the actress adds that she has started doing F45 in order to stay in shape, and that she enjoys her weekly routine of walking at least three to four times. Lynne McGranger, her Home and Away co-star and friend, is by her side (Irene).

“Lynne and I share a dressing room, so we try to go for a walk near work when we have breaks,” she explains. Ada focuses on “being kind to oneself” when it comes to body positivity.

“I try to speak lovingly to myself when I can,” she says, adding that she and her son regularly talk about the importance of “great role models.”

Lifting Emily is easy work for Kawa, Nicholas and Ethan (left to right) … just don’t throw her in!

Kawakawa Fox-Reo

For Kawakawa (Nikau), exercise is all about preserving his mental health.

“It is extremely beneficial to my mental health and keeps me on track.” He admits, “If I don’t train, I get a little down.”

While it appears like the entire cast of HAA enjoys working out together, ‘Kawa,’ as his co-stars refer to him, isn’t interested.

He laughs, “They’re all far fitter than I am.” In terms of Nikau, the actor says he has high expectations for him this season.

“I’d like to see the show incorporate more cultural content.” As a Maori boy, I’m proud of who I am and want to welcome as many individuals from all around the world into our planet, which I believe is so rich and has so much to offer.”

Bikini babes Emily (left) and Jacqui (right) are friends on and off the screen.

Emily Weir

If two years of lockdowns and change has taught Emily (Mackenzie) anything, it’s that her body is capable of so much.

“Over the last few years, I’ve learned to value my health and well-being. “The body is a wonderful thing, and taking care of it is crucial,” she explains. Emily explains that she enjoys breaking up her routines in this way.

“I prefer to vary my routines, but I always do roughly an hour of cardio followed by a half-hour of weight training.” She explains, “I also enjoy yoga and strive to stretch and stay aligned as much as possible.”

For the actor, getting to a place where she feels her best is all about self-love.

“I look my best when I’m well-rested and energized, and I make decisions based on self-love and positive self-talk.”

Who’s the biggest beefcake in the bay? The boys are ready to fight out.

Nicholas Cartwright

Simplicity is key for Nicholas (Cash) who reveals he prioritises eating high-protein meals to keep his washboard abs in check.

“I fast every day,” he continues, “so when I eat, I like to have one nutritious meal and one meal of literally whatever I want a day.” “Because I’m a vegetarian, I have to make sure I get enough plant-based protein every day.”

When it comes to a cheat dinner, nothing beats ice cream. “I get a container of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and a lamington from the servo down the road, smash them together, and devour the whole thing,” he laughs.


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