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Home and Away’s Justin Morgan gives Marilyn Chambers some home truths after she moves in

Home and Away‘s Justin Morgan loses patience with Marilyn Chambers on UK screens next week.

After Marilyn (James Stewart) becomes an unexpected new houseguest, Justin (James Stewart) reaches a breaking point.

Justin’s partner Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) will leave unexpectedly for Cyprus in upcoming episodes on Channel 5 after learning that her son VJ has been engaged in an accident there.

While Leah is away, Marilyn (Emily Symons) insists on moving in to keep Justin company. This terrifies Justin, who isn’t sure how he’ll deal with Marilyn’s new personality shift.

Marilyn quickly realizes Justin doesn’t want her around, so she confronts him about disguising his true feelings.

Justin isn’t amused, and he resolves to give Marilyn the truth she has been demanding.

To Marilyn’s surprise, Justin mentions how tough she is to be around right now, emphasizing that it’s especially difficult in his own home.

Marilyn finally realizes how much her irritability and harsh comments are affecting everyone.

Later at the Diner, Marilyn is worried when she begins to lose the sensation in her legs again.

Marilyn is rushed back into hospital, but the doctors clear her to leave again a few days afterwards.

The hospital’s team has been unable to determine the cause of her recent panic, implying that it is a psychological effect of the poisoning.

Marilyn is refusing to return home until she receives a new diagnosis. However, after hearing Marilyn’s strange belief that all of the physicians are working against her, Justin persuades her to return home and stay away from them all.

Marilyn agrees, believing that she can uncover the “plot” against her from the comfort of her own home.


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