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Former Home and Away star Jackson Heywood says there was backlash over his character Brody’s cheating

Home and Away fan-favourite Brody Morgan became less of a fan-favourite before his departure last year. He cheated on Ziggy Astoni with Simone Bedford, and eventually left the Bay with the latter which left Ziggy heartbroken.Actor Jackson Heywood has been to speaking to Australia’s Now to Love about his new role in award-winning TV show Bloom, and he was asked if there was a backlash to Brody’s actions.”Yeah,” he answered.

“People think it’s real – it’s pretty funny. I had a couple of them [telling me they hate me] but look, no one’s going to come up and punch you.

“I knew that was maybe going to be a thing when the storyline started but it’s just the way the character went, it’s the direction the writers chose so I just took it on the chin.”

He continued: “I had such a good run that I was like, ‘Ah I can cop a bit of grief for the last little stint.'”

The actor also said that he has no current plans to return the soap, since he’s enjoying the freedom of exploring other projects at the moment.

Jackson does try and keep up with his former on-screen family, however, although he admitted that the long hours the cast do on the soap can make it hard to do at times.

Production on the Aussie soap has temporarily halted filming amid the coronavirus pandemic, and it was temporarily taken off the air Down Under. However, it’s now been officially announced when it will return to screens.


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