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General Hospital Relationship Timeline: Jason And Sam

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Samantha McCall (Kelly Monaco) should still be together, according to their legions of adoring “General Hospital” fans.

She should never have broken things off in the first place. He should never have let her go. She should have known better than to fall for Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna).

He should never have married Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) because he had been in love with her since the 1990s.

She never should have let him.

And he shouldn’t have gone to Crete to help Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) save her mother, or he wouldn’t be presumed dead. All of this happened to an epic couple who were supposed to be each other’s endgame over the course of a year.

Jason and Sam, dubbed “Jasam” on social media, have remained one of the most popular couples in “GH” history, thanks to a love tale that began as a favor in 2003 and has spanned over two decades of star-crossed romance and danger.

Let’s take a look back at their relationship through the years.

Jason and Sam meet when they’re arrested

Jason Morgan was used to being arrested after spending years as Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) best friend and mob enforcer. When he was brought down to the police station for her own supposed crimes, that’s where he met con-woman Sam McCall, and sparks flew.

Sam, on the other hand, began an affair with Sonny rather than Jason. However, when Sam became pregnant with Sonny’s kid, he already desired to continue his relationship with Carly, so Jason claimed the baby as his in order for Sonny and Carly to be reunited.

Sam moved into Jason’s penthouse, and the two fell in love while planning for Sam’s baby’s arrival. Happily-ever-after and a third child, however, were not meant to be.

As Sam’s due date approached, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) realized that Sam was the baby she had given up for adoption as a teen and pleaded with Sam to induce labor so that her baby’s cord stem cells might be used to save Alexis’ new young daughter, Kristina, who was battling cancer.

Sam had a placental abruption as a result of the battle over induction, and her kid was stillborn. Sam was heartbroken, and Jason consoled her, but it took them a long time to acknowledge they should be together.

Mob danger gets in the way of Jason and Sam’s love

While Jason and Sam ultimately realized they loved each other, his mob lifestyle kept coming in the way of their happiness, and they used other people to disguise their feelings.

At one point, Sam had an affair with Alexis’ husband, Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), while Jason had an affair with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), who became pregnant. Jason signed away his rights to Liz’s son for the sake of the baby because he still yearned for Sam.

Jason and Sam eventually recognized they were destined to be together and chose to marry. They ditched their guests and exchanged vows in the backyard of their favorite Chinese restaurant, wearing their distinctive black T-shirts, despite having planned a large and extravagant ceremony.

Then, it was off to the honeymoon, where things went terribly wrong.

A crazed Franco ruins Jason and Sam’s marriage

Jason and Sam Morgan hardly had time to enjoy their honeymoon when Franco (then portrayed by James Franco) kidnapped Jason and confined him in a room. Franco (then played by James Franco) was a serial killer with a variety of last names who was reformed after a brain tumor was removed from his head.

He left Jason with a video screen showing him attempting to sexually assault Sam in her honeymoon bed, but the camera turned off before Jason could see what Franco did in reality.

When they got home and Sam found out she was pregnant, she had a paternity test done right away, which confirmed Franco was the father of her child. Jason was unable to cope with the news and left Sam.

After Sam gave birth to Danny, she was informed that he had passed away. However, Jason discovered Sam’s baby alive months later, and the two were reunited, with Jason willing to parent Franco’s child.

Jason was summoned away on a mafia mission the night they brought Danny home, shot, kicked into the river, and assumed dead.

Jason returns — or does he?

After two years, Sam discovers that the paternity tests were tampered with and that Jason was Danny’s biological father.

However, she continues to live her life without him until a mysterious man arrives in town. He was in a vehicle accident and underwent plastic surgery to give him a new look because he couldn’t recall who he was.

Sam was intrigued to the man, and she and Carly, Jason’s longtime closest friend, started up a connection with him. Carly realized that this man was really Jason and informed him just before he married Elizabeth Webber.

Sam couldn’t believe Jason had returned but couldn’t remember her, so they fell in love all over again until his memories came back. They remarried at that time. Sam became pregnant, gave birth to Scout, and resolved to pursue a life free of Sonny, Carly, and the mob.

But, oh no! Jake Doe was never Jason after all, as it turned out. Drew Cain (Billy Miller) was Jason’s previously unknown identical brother. The real Jason had spent the last five years in a Russian medical center before returning to Port Charles.

Sam has to choose between two Jasons

Drew had been implanted with Jason’s memories through the miracle of fictitious memory mapping, an innovation solely the show’s making, thus two men were strolling around Port Charles remembering an epic relationship with Sam, leaving her unsure of what to do for a few months.

Drew continued on without her after she ultimately chose the original Jason. When his plane went down over Afghanistan, he was assumed dead. Sam, on the other hand, discovered that she preferred the non-mob life with Drew, where her children were safer.

After she broke up with Jason in 2020, he eventually realized that he had always loved Carly and married her when Sonny was declared dead.

Of course, Sonny wasn’t dead.

Sonny reappeared just as Jason and Carly were set to tie the knot. Jason then embarked on a journey to Crete in order to assist Britt, a woman with whom he had a one-night encounter.

Jason, of course, was buried beneath rubble on Cassadine Island during an explosion in 2022 and is thought dead. Sam appears to be moving on with her life, with Dante as her new love and is only somewhat upset by Jason’s departure.

With Jason’s death being a surprise storyline twist due to actor Steve Burton’s refusal to comply with ABC’s COVID-19 vaccine rule, this soap opera death may stick — and Jason and Sam’s epic love story may be finished.


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