General Hospital’s Amelie McClain Leaving Show

    SORAS Warning! Youngster from the General Hospital is being sent to boarding school.
    Charlotte Cassadine has been shipped off to boarding school, less than a year after Amelie McClain replaced Scarlett Fernandez as Charlotte Cassadine on General Hospital. Boarding school is traditionally the magical destination where kids come down with Soap-Opera Rapid-Aging Syndrome and return to town as suddenly older, feistier teenagers.

    Despite the fact that it’s difficult to picture Valentin and Lulu’s daughter being any more feisty!

    It’s still possible that McClain will return to the job in the future. After Nikolas and Courtney’s son was sent away, General Hospital did it with Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer. However, the role was recast with Nicholas Alexander Chavez and given a front-row seat (where, we should add, the actor has been wowing us ever since).

    However, for ABC’s one and only daytime drama — one and only, that is, until one of these spinoff concepts is picked up – ageing Charlotte makes sense. An older Charlotte could mix it up with the youthful scene in Port Charles (for our money, the best in daytime). Given that her father was previously a card-carrying con artist and that she has shown that she resembles him, she might just give Esme a run for her money!


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