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Home and Away boss calls out Aussie stars in Hollywood who ‘don’t like talking about’ their early days on the soap – despite it offering ‘great training’ for actors

Brook Hall, Channel Seven’s Director of Content Scheduling, has commented on Home and Away’s legacy as its long-running rival Neighbours is axed.

The seaside soap opera is still one of Seven’s’most significant’ shows, according to Mr Hall, and is also the network’s most expensive production.

‘I’m really proud of Home and Away, and it’s undoubtedly our most important show, as well as our most significant financial investment.’ We are not obligated to do so. ‘We have faith in it,’ he stated.

Mr. Hall continued, “Despite the fact that it has produced many brilliant Australian actors who have gone on to make it big in Hollywood, the program is often unfairly criticized.”

‘Our most successful acting exports over the last 20 years have come from the show that people don’t want to count as premium drama,’ he said.

‘It’s a great thing on actors’ résumés for LA because it has such good training,’ Hall noted, before adding pointedly: ‘Even though some of the actors don’t like talking about it when they get over there.’

While many actors are pleased of their time on Home and Away, others have tried to separate themselves from the show as they have progressed in their careers.

Melissa George, who rose to fame in Hollywood after portraying Angel Parrish on Home and Away, famously stated that she didn’t want journalists to ask her about her time on the soap opera.

During an appearance on The Morning Show, Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies ventured to mention her Home and Away character, prompting her to make the remarks.

‘I don’t need credibility from my country anymore, I just need them all to be quiet. If they have nothing intelligent to say, please don’t speak to me anymore,’ Melissa said.

‘I’d rather be having a croissant in Paris or walking my French bulldog in New York City,’ she added.

It comes after the actors of Neighbours walked out of a crisis meeting in Melbourne last month, amid speculations that the long-running soap may be canceled after 37 years on the air.

As they walked out of Fremantle’s Nunawading Studios, some of the stars, who may soon be out of work, were seen crying.

The show’s future is uncertain when UK broadcaster Channel 5 announced that it will not extend its deal to transmit the Australian soap.

Although a petition to rescue the show has gathered 50,000 signatures, it is unlikely that the show will be spared because Ten is hesitant to pay the show’s fee.

In comparison, the future of Home and Away appears bright, with each episode attracting almost a million viewers in Australia when catch-up numbers are factored in.


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