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Home and Away fans devastated by rumoured mass cast exit: ‘Not the same’

Fans of Home and Away were taken aback when Sam Frost and Harley Bonner announced their departures from the long-running soap show barely weeks apart.

Now, it looks that a number of other cast members may be leaving Summer Bay as well, with the secrets website Back To The Bay disclosing a number of rumoured departures.

According to the publication, Ari Parata star Rob Kipa-Williams is anticipated to leave the show shortly because he hasn’t been spotted filming scenes at Sydney’s Palm Beach in a long time.

Rob, who joined the program in 2019, recently turned to Instagram to express his dissatisfaction with his plot and the writing of his character.

He posted a photo of himself looking sad, “Remember when Ari used to dwell on the grumpy side of life?”

“I prefer him written in a more rough style… In the comments, he wrote, “Oh well.”

Lukas Radovich, who portrays Ryder Jackson on Home and Away, is also expected to leave the program in the coming months after a four-year run.

Georgie Parker, who plays his on-screen aunty Roo Stewart, recently released a behind-the-scenes shot with Lukas, foreshadowing an upcoming departure party with a bon voyage banner on social media.

To add fuel to the fire, Lukas has been uploading a lot of photos on Instagram from his recent trip throughout the UK.

Courtney Miller, who has played Bella Nixon since 2018, is another celebrity rumored to be saying her goodbyes to the Bay.

The actress hasn’t been seen filming in Palm Beach this year, and her recent social media posts suggest she’s moved to Melbourne.

Following the revelations, a lot of fans have expressed their dissatisfaction in a popular Home and Away Facebook page.

“Home and Away is not the same anymore, nothing like the early years of the show,” one fan wrote, followed by another who said they “don’t like change”.

“Man I’m sick of all the good actors and actresses leaving,” a third commented.

“Wow! They’ll need to bring back some of the favourites from the good old days,” a different user suggested, while someone else shared, “Looks like it might be heading the same way as Neighbours”.


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