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Home and Away Mackenzie star reveals gym machine made her orgasm during workout

Home and Away star Emily Weir, best known for playing Mackenzie Booth since 2016, revealed she once worked out so hard in the gym that the machine made her orgasm

The star of Home and Away, Emily Weir, disclosed that she had orgasmed at the gym before.

The risqué admission was made by the actress, who is best known for portraying Mackenzie Booth on the Australian serial opera since 2016, on the Life Uncut podcast. The TV personality disclosed that it all began during her early days on the serial opera in an interview with hosts Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne.

“When I first started on Home and Away I was trying to get really really fit,” she said. “I found that there was a machine that you kind of jump up on and you swing your legs up and you crunch.”

Emily explained that on this particular day, she was trying and tensing harder as her abs were getting stronger from the hardcore training. She continued: “I think I was on rep 35 and by the time I did a rep from 35 to 50 I started to feel really weird and kind of tingly.”

The soap star explained that she kept pushing through the workout, but was shocked by what happened next. The brunette beauty added: “I was wondering what was going on in my nether regions.

“But I kept going and pushing through it and… I came.” Wanting clarification, Brittany asked: “Just to be clear, came where?”

“In my pants!” Emily yelled. “I had an orgasm. I arrived at the peak.” “But I will now save that until the end of my workout, just in case,” the actress said to the pair. Emily acknowledged that it had happened more than once even though she said it doesn’t happen every time.

The drama has revolved around Emily’s character Mackenzie in recent weeks as she learns that her friend Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is deceiving her husband Tane (Ethan Browne). During Friday’s episode (January 26), Felicity lost her cool with her business partner after learning that Mac had extended Tane an offer of lodging.

Their rift continues into next week when Felicity discovers that Tane is already sleeping with other women. She heads straight to Salt to confront Mac, her ferocity spreading publicly in Salt.

As Felicity increases her aggression towards Mac, the restaurant owner clutches her chest in pain and falls to the floor. Felicity reels in shock as Xander (Luke Van Os) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) call an ambulance.


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