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Home and Away promo teases reunion of fan favourite couple

After a preview of the show revealed Tane and Felicity sharing a kiss, fans of Home and Away are crossing their fingers that their beloved couple may be rekindling their romance.

Despite their agreement to try for a child, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) parted after he discovered she was still on birth control. Felicity, however, had stated up front that she didn’t want children when they first started dating, though she momentarily changed her mind after being married.

After having an honest conversation about their differences and the likelihood that their marriage would have failed due to their divergent views on having children, it seemed the couple had achieved closure. After Tane kissed Jessica Redmayne’s character Harper, Felicity removed her wedding band.

But now things are looking steamy again, with a promo teasing the pair spending the night together.

Like we said, it’s getting steamy.

Look, I’m no scriptwriter but could this little accident result in… potentially another little accident? People in the comments section seem to agree.

“I hope she falls pregnant and they get back together. They make such a good couple. Please, please keep them together,” one person said.

“I think Flick and Tane should be together. They are just right for each other,” another said.

“I actually want them to be back together. Firstly I didn’t care and was like whatevs, now I’m like

“JUST MAKE UP ALREADY! I actually want them to be back together. Firstly I didn’t care and was like whatevs, now I’m like, JUST MAKE UP ALREADY,” another fan said.

In other news regarding the relationship on Home and Away, although it appeared that Mac might finally have her happily ever after with Dr. Levi, learning he’s married will undoubtedly throw a wrench in the works. And it appears that he was supposedly contentedly married before arriving in Summer Bay—that is, until he met Mac.

And even after Leah’s spell at a mental health facility, things between her and Justin are still tumultuous as they work out where they stand. After brandishing a knife on Justin during a mental breakdown, Leah has been too afraid to allow him back into her life.


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